Diaka Conde’s “Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret”!

iU author Diaka Silaty Conde tells us about her fascinating new cookbook, The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret, consisting of healthy and traditional African recipes.


I am Diaka Conde, author of The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret. A sociology degree-holder from the University General Lansana Conté of Conakry West Africa, Republic of Guinea.


The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret is my first book. The book is purely traditional recipes coming straight from africa , created by our African grandmothers. In this book you will find healthy, simple, easy, and delicious African recipes that will not only help you to lose weight but to be able to keep the desired shape without doing any exercises or diet!


I wrote this book firstly because writing has always being a dream for me since childhood , let’s say it is a passion, I started reading books since I was eight years old in my native village (Mamou- telico ) located in Guinea.


Secondly when I migrate in the USA I had issues to be used to American foods so I simply decided to follow my African food routine. After a couple years I noticed that I still keep my desired shape and health even after two pregnancies, and people around me noticed it as well so they started asking me, “What is your secret?”


So I thought, why don’t I rather gather all my dishes in a book so that other beautiful ladies and gentlemen out there could also take advantage of it?


That is why I decided to write The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret.


I’m currently promoting my book, and already have plans for another one!


My favorite part of my publishing experience with iUniverse has been their good work on my book and the kindness and patience of the staff.


The message that I would like to tell my readers is to read this book and to try to follow the nutrition routine in it. Within a couple months I am pretty sure that they will see improvement and will be satisfied.


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