iUniverse author John C. Woodcock’s insights on writing: Part 1

On the publication of his latest book, UR-image, iUniverse Blog asked this prolific author, John C. Woodcock for his thoughts on writing. This is what he said:

iUniverse John C. Woodcock“I have been writing for twenty-five years or so. I have written ten books now, many articles and essays, and poetry. I have also created some works of art. I keep a dream journal and have countless note books. I have also completed a master’s degree and doctoral degree, both of which required years of putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard.

Only in my academic writing did I receive some formal training but I still do not know how to type beyond the two-fingered method. In all my other literary output, I received no training or coaching in the craft of writing. I simply do not conceive of my life as being that of an author. I do not consider the craft of writing as a career for me. I apparently picked up what I needed in order to say what I wanted to say, as I went along. When, finally, some kind individuals agreed to edit a small piece or two, I was shocked at the degree to which their careful editing exposed holes in my knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, structural convention, formatting styles, etc.”

iUniverse then asked why do you write at all?

iUniverse UR-image“One reason to write of course is to show others that you know what they know, i.e. to communicate your intellectual readiness to enter a community which is dedicated to a particular discipline. In this kind of writing, the personality of the author is not a topic. Instead, the writer must rise up to the level of the “theoretical ‘I’” that is, the voice of the discipline itself. Personal opinions or feelings are not wanted here. This intellectual demand is well captured in the requirement that the author write in the 3rd person or with the “I” of the discipline and to produce citations wherever epistemological claims are made. The granting of a degree is the public sign that the individual has reached the intellectual standards set by the discipline.”

iUniverse hails this new blog series

LighthousedownunderWow!  What an introduction to the world of a writer.  We can only urge you to look out for the next episode of this fascinating blog from iUniverse author John C. Woodcock which is coming soon. To learn more about John, his books and his thinking, visit his website. To see all of his books visit the iUniverse Bookstore.

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