Quincella Rivers and her heartfelt collection of poems!

Quincella Rivers discusses her moving collection of poems, Think of Me When You Drink Tea.


Please briefly describe your book . . .

My book Think Of Me When You Drink Tea is a collection of poems that was written from my heart, life experiences of mine as well as others. The poems reflect many emotions.

Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry.





And can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have resided in Las Vegas for over thirty years.  I worked in the Juvenile Justice System as a Field Probation Officer and in Child Welfare as an Investigator with the division of Child Protective Services.

I have volunteered my time in the community as an advocate for victims of human trafficking.


I belong to an organization that empower and support youths in the performing arts. I myself have a passion for both the literary and performing arts.  I have studied ballroom dancing, and flamenco.

I am currently a member of Sweet Adeline International, which is an organization of women who sing acapella barbershop style.



Do you have any particular literary influences?

Both Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou were the literary influences of my life.  My inspiration to write began when I was about nine or ten years old.  I had always loved to read. It was a way to learn about other countries and their culture.


What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers?

My message to my readers is everyone has a facade and It’ s okay to share your joy, your tears, your fears as well as your strength and courage.


Are you working on a sequel to your book?

I am working on another book.


Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Prior to the release of my book, I held a Book Launching Reception. My family, friends and supporters attended and help me celebrate this accomplishment. At that event, they pre- ordered and were promised a signed copy of the book. It was a way of my promoting and marketing my book.


I have also performed many of my poems at several Women tea and luncheons advising them that my book was forthcoming. Many expressed an interest in purchasing a copy upon its release.


In April. 2018, I am scheduled to perform one of my poems at a Tea and have a book signing scheduled at Ben Chili Bowl in Wash. D.C.  Both events will take place in Wash. D.C.


Prior to the publication of my book, I had entered some of my poems in some literary contests and had won first and second place.


What was your favorite part of your publishing experience, overall and with iUniverse?

My favorite part was selecting my book cover and consulting with my book consultant in ordering my books.

The overall experience was positive.  The staff were very helpful, congenial and very professional.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Try to do as much editing and proofreading as possible. It will speed up the process of the publishing of your book.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and express your satisfaction as well as your dissatisfaction with the process.


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