iUniverse talks with Shadows of the Savage author, Lois Scott

Recently iUniverse featured long-standing author, Lois Scott on our iUniverse Author Focus site so we asked her what feedback she had received since our coverage. This is what she said:-

iUniverse Lois Scott“I published my first book Shadow of the Savage with iUniverse—then didn’t know where to go from there. I didn’t know how to promote a book. I knew it was in the iUniverse Bookstore, but was so terribly unsure of myself.
Now iUniverse has reviewed it and I will be able to write a blog to let the reader know something about it. When it first appeared on Facebook, I got two responses the first day, and several days later, a lady called to let me know she had stayed up until three o’clock in the morning—reading my book. Today a neighbor approached me to ask if I had a copy she could read.
Life is good”

iUniverse author Lois Scott blog

Now see what Lois has to say about her book Shadow of the Savage:-

iUniverse Shadow of the Savage“The history of the Northwest is a story of adventure and danger. Buckskin-clad hunters and fur trappers; their survival skills honed to a sharp-edged perfection, held sway. Great mountains of pine and blue spruce, sparkling rivers and crystal waterfalls; from which could be heard the hunting cry of the wolf pack on cold wintery nights.
Into this land of wild challenges—targeting the fledgling seaport town of Astoria Oregon— came a boatload of women, to become brides for lonely frontiersmen; start families and settle the land. It was for them a new beginning and a chance to fulfill the dreams that every woman cherishes. These women came from all walks of life—and Shadow of the Savage characterizes and personalizes their fears and determinations; the conflicts of everyday frontier life and the uncertainty of each decision. The reader gets a sensitive peek into the very soul of apprehensive and unsure women and men who live in the shadow of this wild and primitive Eden.”

iUniverse Blog thanks author Lois Scott

iUniverse The House of Blue Lights FeaturediUniverse A Blood Red Rose for SophiaiUniverse thanks Lois for her contribution to the Blog and wishes her every success with her books and future book publishing endeavors. Shadow of the Savage and her other two iUniverse titles, A Blood Red Rose for Sophia and The House of Blue Lights can be found at the iUniverse Bookstore. Plus check out Lois’s Facebook page here.

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