iUniverse presents tips for writing a cookbook

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For those who share a passion for writing and cooking, a cookbook is the ideal combination. It is an opportunity to share your love of food with the world. To help you along, iUniverse has put five tips on writing cookbooks below:

Research what else is out there: Essentially, you want to make sure that your book hasn’t been already written. This can be done at bookstores and of course online. If indeed someone has already written on your subject, have a look to see if the book is any good and if you can do better. Alternatively, take a different angle.


An Italian dish, Linguine Marechiara: noodles, tomato sauce, and seafood

What is your angle? Some cookbooks are based on an ingredient, whereas others focus on a type of diet or cuisine. Make sure that you select something that arouses your passion and which will also be interesting for other people. Being a bit “daring” will also help make you unique.

Recipe origins: Some “family” recipes may actually be from other cookbooks! Try to verify them as much as you can. When in doubt, use an original title for each dish, and don’t be afraid to add something that makes it a little different.

Blogging benefits: Blogging is a great way to get started and make your name known – and your potential book. Further, blogs help generated feedback from readers about your cooking directions and other aspects of what will be in your finished cookbook.


Spaghetti Marechiara: A variation on the above dish, with the mussels de-shelled and spaghetti substituted for linguine

The visuals: I think we will all agree that photos enhance the look of a cookbook. While this will be an extra cost, it is indispensable. So have that camera ready for that brief time period between cooking and eating!


iUniverse knows that writing a cookbook is a mixture of passion and hard, hands-on work. You may find it difficult to record all the “dashes” and “sprinkles” of salt and sugar to add (and hopefully other spices and seasonings), but this is not unusual. Be as precise as possible, and you will find that this results in better recipes – and more customers!


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