iU author Alanna Kane featured in CNN article!

iUniverse’s Alanna Kane has been featured in a CNN article for her book, Dear Mr. President. The book is a collection of letters that Kane sent to the Commander-in-Chief, over the course of the year.

The letters, totaling over 300, contain Kane’s views and suggestions on a variety of topics, and have received recognition from the White House!

Please find the full article at https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/05/politics/woman-writes-letters-to-trump-trnd/index.html .

Here’s some highlights, straight from the article:

  • Kane wrote about whatever interested her, including immigration, the Russia investigation and Trump’s Twitter habit. She infused some letters with sarcasm, and took some digs at the President. But she also complimented Trump when she felt he did something right, such as his dignified reaction to Roy Moore’s defeat and his swift reaction to the April 2017 chemical attacks in Syria.
  • Her daily routine consisted of making coffee, reading up on the news and then writing Trump a letter in the afternoon.
  • She believes the experience helped make her more understanding and respectful of differing political views. “I learned how important it is to truly take the time to listen to what people from opposing points of view have to say and to figure out where they’re coming from,” she said, “… so I can have a civil conversation with them.”
  • Kane’s advice for others is simple: Speak out. “Sometimes we feel like our voices are so insignificant,” she said. “Everybody counts. Don’t think that you don’t.”

We at iUniverse are extremely proud of Alanna for her diligence, spirit, and the attention she has received! Read more about Alanna in her iU author blog article. She is also now hearing from other media outlets, including NPR, who are interesting in talking to her about her book!

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