iUniverse talks to Author Leda Sanford-The Mother of Reinvention

iUniverse author Leda Sanford

iUniverse award winning author of “Pure Moxie”and the Mother of Reinvention, Leda Sanford

The other day I had the great pleasure to talk with one of iUniverse Publishing most esteemed authors, Leda Sanford, and what a fascinating lady! Rightly called The Mother of Reinvention, Leda took me through her distinguished life and career, from her days as a suburban housewife in upstate New York to her becoming the first female publisher and editor-in-chief of a national consumer magazine, American Home; through her 40 years in senior positions in magazine publishing, to her reinventing herself again as the acknowledged sage of how to grow old gracefully, by keeping fit in both mind and body, based in her own Californian Portofino by the sea-Sausalito.

iUniverse “Pure Moxie”

During our conversation it became glaringly apparent that Leda has got the title of her memoir about her days in magazine publishing, “Pure Moxie “, spot on. The book, which  is dedicated to the pioneer of the second wave of feminism, Betty Friedan, with her ground breaking 60s book,  ”The Feminine Mystique”, demonstrates how Leda, although filled with apprehensions and doubt,  rose to the challenge through her determination, drive and energy (her pure moxie) conquered the bastion of male dominance that was magazine publishing in the 70s.

A New Direction

Look for the Moon in The Morning

Inspirational essays by Leda Sanford

After being a senior publishing executive of such magazines as American Home, Bon Appétit, Chief Executive, and Modern Maturity, with the dawn of the 90s, Leda reinvented herself again by changing her focus onto aging, by joining AARP, then Age Wave Communications as senior editorial director, where she helped create the magazine Get Up and Go! Aimed at women aged 50 plus, as part of company’s focus on how the boomer wave will change aging in America.

From this she published her collection of inspirational essays, especially for women, “Look for the Moon in the Morning.”  When published there were more than 100,000 requests for samples of the essays—testament to the great interest in this subject. This collection sums up her philosophy that it’s never too late to recreate ourselves, to explore new horizons and to enhance our quality of life. –The Mother of Reinvention

An early riser

Still full of that get up and go, multi-award winner Leda now devotes her time to writing, inspired by the likes of Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and interestingly the heroine of “Gone With The Wind”, Scarlett O’Hara; who was definitely full of “Pure Moxie”.

Leda is also a frequent speaker and commentator on preparing ourselves for the “new longevity.” That said iUniverse leaves the last words to the lady herself, on Radio Sausalito’s A Different Slant Interview with Leda Sanford and what the critics say.

Praise for Pure Moxie 

iUniverse Pure Moxie

iUniverse Pure Moxie, A confessional memoir  by Leda Sanford

iUniverse Readers Choice Award“This is a breezy romp through a trailblazing life. Leda Sanford didn’t pull punches in her career, or in this entertaining read. — Robin Wolaner, Founder of Parenting Magazine, Author, Naked in the Boardroom

Money, power, sex. Pure Moxie tells the tale of one woman’s journey from bored housewife to trendsetter in the magazine publishing industry. This is a story few women experience but every woman fantasizes about. This is the real Mad Men! -Cheryl Russell, Editorial Director of New Strategist Publications, Former Editor-in-Chief of American Demographics

Sexy, sassy and sensational, Pure Moxie is a memoir that reads like a best-selling novel. Some readers may wonder if all of this could really have happened, but the world of American magazine publishing was a frontier in the 1970’s and Leda was one if it’s leading pioneers. A business success story, an adventure, and a racy read all wrapped in one, Pure Moxie is an absolute page-turner, with an inspiring moral. — Michael Rybarski, Co-Founder of Age Wave Target Marketing, Author, StartUp Smarts: The Thinking Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Growing your Business

Pure Moxie is an absolutely fantastic read. Leda Sanford is the “real deal” and in the pages of this well-crafted book, her life unfolds like a modern fable. She is one smart, pugnacious, outrageous, beautiful, sexy, talented and visionary woman. I wholeheartedly recommend this thoughtful and provocative book to anyone interested in the modern evolution of media, women/men relations and/or the spirit of entrepreneurial boldness. — Ken Dychtwald, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Age Wave, best-selling author”

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To get more pure moxie from the Mother of Reinvention, Leda Sanford, visit her website or like her on Facebook or better still buy her book, iUniverse’s “Pure Moxie” here.


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