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iUniverse is proud to list some of the great feedback and testimonials we’ve received!

ArianeAriane Page, Love Them Back to LIFE

“What I preferred with iUniverse is their dedicated editing team and of course the fact that their packages are well-suited for inexperienced authors such as I was.”


azadehAzadeh Tabazadeh, The Sky Detective

“I have had a very good experience with iUniverse. I got introduced to iUniverse in 2012 while attending the San Francisco Writers Conference. In that year, iUniverse was sponsoring a book contest at the conference. I entered this book contest and won the Grand Prize, which entitled me to receive a free publication package through iUniverse. This package included free editorial, marketing and publicity services that were all helpful in producing a professional copy of my book for marketing and sale. The two things that I would highly recommend are professional editing services of your book and producing an author video and/or trailer prior to publication.”


FollyBill Noel, Final Cut: A Folly Beach Mystery.

“The editing services provided by iUniverse are outstanding. Their services, beginning with a candid editorial evaluation, through the various levels of edits, to a final proofreading provided me with every opportunity to make my books better, more readable, and more marketable. And, they allowed me to be the best writer I could be.”


Don tolleDon Tolle, For the Record

“The experience of publishing For the Record with iUniverse was both a reward for having written my book, as well as a revelation to me. I love working with talented, passionate, professional people, and that is what I experienced throughout with the staff at iUniverse. They were conscientious, committed, and clearly dedicated to helping me fulfill a dream that I’ve carried around inside of me for many years. As a writer, it doesn’t get any better than that.”


SheppardWilliam Weatherly, Sheppard of the Argonne

“I think the best part was working with the iUniverse editor, the formatter and the cover illustrators to get the feel of the book right.”


Anvil of GodBoyce Gleason, Anvil of God

“As to iUniverse, I loved their editorial service. They couldn’t have been better. They loved the book and were thoughtful, thorough and relentless in getting it ready for prime time. They helped me make Anvil a better book.”


Parallel lives book cover 150J. Nichols Mowery, The Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann

“As a two dimensional artist, I was thrilled to work with the Designers for both the inside print and the book’s front and back covers. After suggesting the color, feeling and the impact I wanted, the three looks for the book design which came back fit the story and each had a definite feel for what to expect to find inside the book. The chosen is a remarkable design and will be used for each of the three covers with only the color and lettering changing.

“Having never worked with a publicist, I was surprised what the service included. The publicity person was assigned for six weeks during which she reached thousands of various media. I received a report weekly with listings of who and where and what was sent and what was received back. I heard from people all around the world, was asked to write articles and gave radio interviews.

“Random House/iUniverse’s PitchFest in Los Angeles in May let me interact with authors from around the world during the three day event. During that time I gave my two minute Pitch twenty times to twenty film production reps, from all sorts of Film and TV companies.


RESETKristen Lee Costa, RESET: Make the Most of Your Stress

“Like any writer, it’s easy to get stuck along the way. The staff at IUniverse have been consummate professionals from day one. From the early-phase check-in calls that helped me stay motivated and on-task, to the final moments of production, I have benefitted tremendously from the wealth of knowledge and resources offered. The kindness, expertise and consistency of each person I have worked with have been welcome gifts and allowed me to stay in my lane and remain focused on my goals as an author.”


front cover 150Linda Noble Topf, Wheelchair Wisdom

“Throughout the whole process, I felt very taken care of by each new individual who ‘held my hand’ during that period. For this I will always be grateful. For every step of the way, I had an invested partner.”


Bridal veil 150Monica Wright , Bridal Veil

“My favorite part of the publishing experience with iUniverse was working with the editor. I really enjoyed the feedback and the advice really helped me publish the best version of Bridal Veil.”


Front cover 150Georg and Phyllis Rauch, Unlikely Warrior

“I loved the entire publishing experience. I worked with a fine editor at iUniverse.”


Front cover 150Regis McCafferty, The Nude on the Cigarette Case

“iUniverse staff are talented and a pleasure to work with.”


hazing aging front cover 150Dr. Robert Buckingham, Hazing Aging

“The professional polish of the book followed by the marketing follow-through was seamless. Even more important, I remained in control of content and had final say in what stayed and went. All of this, although daunting to a first time writer, in retrospect was exactly what I needed. The final product, Hazing Aging, exceeded my expectation and met all the goals.”


Armour book cover 150Violetta Armour, I’ll Always Be With You

“My self-publishing experience with iUniverse has been wonderful. They provided guidance and support yet I was allowed to control the entire process from word count to cover selection. Seeing my work in print, holding the book in my hands, was a thrill beyond my expectations. There was a sense of satisfaction in a work completed through dedication and perseverance.”


Front cover 150Lucas Dyer, A Battle Won by Handshakes

“The whole process of working with iUniverse was amazing. iUniverse stood out from the beginning and really made me feel important. I wasn’t just another guy with a book so-to-speak. iUniverse had me feeling like I was already a bestselling author with the greatest story.”


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