Why Authors Are Choosing iUniverse! Testimonials July-Dec 2017

The second half of 2017 has seen more and more authors choosing iUniverse as the self-publishing service for publishing their books. Below, please find some of the ways authors are describing their publishing experiences with iU!


John Syriaco, My Life as a Surgeon

I was lucky to find iUniverse to take care of my book and publish it. The best part of iUniverse was the continuous follow up of the professional persons who kept calling me and advising me to do this or that. I liked it. I will stick to iUniverse for the coming books I will write.

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Margerete Cassalina, See You at Sunset

The one-on-one attention throughout the editing process while maintaining autonomy over my manuscript. As much as I wanted a quality product, so did each person I was in contact with.

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Al Cadondon, The Young Sailor

I learned writing my book through iUniverse’s editorial evaluation. It was a challenge that kept me working hard to come up with good results as needed in publishing a book.  I love iUniverse’s editorial and design services.

iUniverse made my dream of being a publish author realized… iUniverse made it happen.

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Diaka Silaty Conde, The Sexy Ladies’ Culinary Secret

My favorite part of my publishing experience with iUniverse has been their good work on my book and the kindness and patience of the staff.

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Kenneth R. Trout, Navy Crash Crew

My favorite part of this experience was to actually have my book published. Along the way I was assisted by iUniverse. With their help I improved my skills and feel this was almost as good as a college education. During this time I found that I had to accept the constructive criticism and use it as a building block to improve and grow.

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Robin Jones, Letter from Santa Claus

If you are in a quandary about whether to publish or not, then I suggest you get in contact with iUniverse as a first step to your adventure.

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Vincent di Blasi, Creating Cassandra

This is easy. I thank iUniverse for the opportunity to do what I so want to do. There is great irony today in that while the traditional houses are making it more and more difficult for new authors to publish, those who truly want to write and publish can and will thanks to companies like iUniverse.

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Tyler Sizelove, The Leaching

iUniverse made it very easy for me to understand the whole publishing and editorial process. As a first time official writer I was skeptical of the whole thing, but they gave me confidence that my story could work out. I was quite impressed with the editors who picked up my slack when it comes to grammar, and essentially sharpened up the flow of the words.

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Brian M. Rossiter, The Death Myth

My favorite part about publishing with iUniverse was seeing the cover come to life. I knew what the contents of the book would be, but I did not know how the exterior would look. I was extremely impressed at how they were able to make a cover that perfectly matched what I had described to them. Additionally, the continued, systematic contact and attention they paid me was refreshing. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

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