Ariane Page, iUniverse author and INDIEFAB finalist, talks to us about “Love Them Back to LIFE”

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Ariane Page, iUniverse author and INDIEFAB finalist, talks to us about Love Them Back to LIFE and the reasons behind her writing.

ArianeLove Them Back to LIFE is my second Editor’s Choice book with iUniverse.  “A vibrant, eclectic sojourn into the meaning of it all…” says Kirkus Reviews. I have asked myself, “Why is it that despite new staggering technical advances, health and love seem to elude us?” The answer came after years of research. It is simple: we dismissed nature’s holistic blueprint. Human brains and psyche are built on it, not somethings beside it.  Our ancestors had an intuitive grasp of it, science is on the brink of discovering it. With Love Them Back to LIFE, I invite the reader to journey through this blueprint and witness how we allow or prevent it from unfolding harmoniously in our lives opening –or blocking- this way the road to happiness, love and health.

I have always been interested in psychology. At a very young age, maybe because two of my siblings were handicapped, I felt that the perception that all is united in some way was a key to happiness. My background as an assistant director for TV shows dedicated to the environment and gender issues only reinforced my belief. While I lived in France I came in contact with the writings of Carl Gustav Jung which served as a blackboard to my personal research.

The first book, Isis Code, was over 600 pages long and very much crowded by the results of brain research I was using to prove my point. Love Them Back to LIFE is a mere 400 pages and aims to inform the general public about my findings. It took one year to write and correct but really took my life to develop. Just the brain studies took over three years. I would like the readers to be able to develop a new perception on life and love as they journey through the different levels of human expression, themselves associated to different phases of life and even structures of the brain. Most of all my desire is for people to get better answers to fundamental questions thanks to a structured understanding of what humanity is all about. This will in turn guide them towards a more stable happiness.

I am presently writing a sequel to these books, in French this time, about this new science of Pansystemology I developed and how it is an essential tool to finding new solutions to problems such as Jihadism, environmental catastrophes, political vacuity, depression and other issues we now face around the world.

Love Them Back to LIFE will be presented during 12 different exhibits throughout the USA this year and I am actively preparing lectures which I will give in November.

What I preferred with iUniverse is their dedicated editing team and of course the fact that their packages are well-suited for inexperienced authors such as I was.

My aim is to get new ideas out there. The road is long and lonely at times, but with professionals on your side it is feasible. I would not write to “make money” but certainly to bring a stone to the edification of a new happy world. I believe that if it is a passion as it is for me, then you will find great pleasure and happiness when your printed child will start to walk around the world. Best wishes to all of you authors and authors-to-be!  

Congratulations to Ariane on her book and her hard work!


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