iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin wins 2013 NIEA Award

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iUniverse Dr. Frederick D. Mordin

    Award winning iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin


iUniverse author Dr. Frederick D. Mondin takes us through his writing and self-publishing experiences, culminating with him having an award winner on his hands.

“iUniverse “Erotic Marriage” sub titled “Break Free From the Negative Sexual Script and Improve the Sexual and Emotional Quality of Your Relationship” is a book that I had no idea how to write. After having taught Human Sexuality at Boise State University for almost thirty years and counseling couples for almost forty, I had the research data and the clinical information for a book. Feedback from my students made it clear that although they were having sex, they had problems with guilt, shame, inhibition, and sexual ignorance. The many couples I have counseled also had some of the same problems with shame, guilt, fear, and ignorance. The males struggled with frustration and the females with having sexual desire, having orgasms, even talking openly about the subject with their partners. I had a lot of information but little knowledge about how you write a book.”

Getting Self-published

iUniverse Erotic Marriage

    National Indie Excellence Awards winner 2013


“I found a book in a used book store on how to get published. Somewhere in that book I found the name of iUniverse. I called iUniverse to learn how one gets published and the representative on the phone convinced me to write the book and self- publish it through iUniverse.

So I wrote the manuscript and submitted it to their editorial department. My manuscript came back with both criticisms and suggestions on how to improve my work. I rewrote it again and submitted it again. I received more guidance on how to format the book. Incorporating the suggestion made to me by the iUniverse representative I submitted the final copy and they published “Erotic Marriage” for me.”

iUniverse goes the extra mile

But they did much more. They gave me an excellent cover design, set the book up online and managed all the sales. They also gave very helpful book marketing ideas and constant support. I have been told by a literary agent that iUniverse is one of the most expensive self publishing companies, but also the very best when it comes to quality of the product they produce for you and the support they give you. I agree that they do exceptionally fine work for the cost. I would recommend the company with enthusiasm.”

Rewards and Awards!

indieexcellence-Awards2013“Now that “Erotic Marriage” was finished I began to feel writer’s remorse. I wasn’t sure I wrote a book that was going to be helpful to anyone. In fact, I feared that readers would find fault with what I wrote and it would reflect on me. What did I really write? Was this a significant fine piece of work or just a waste of my time and money? Did I write something that was helpful to others and enlightening or did I just evacuate my bowel on white sheets of paper?

Winning the 2013 National Indie Excellence Award and the other nine awards “Erotic Marriage” has won answers that question.”



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