iUniverse author Gerry Burke: Just for the craic!

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The latest guest to the iUniverse Blog is multi-talented and multi-award winning  author, Gerry Burke, who writes his books like he lives his life- just for the fun.

About the author

iUniverse author Gerry Burke

Australian humorist and iUniverse author, Gerry Burke

iUniverse author Gerry Burke, is an out and out Aussie lifelong bon vivant, carouser and lover of all things horses. He is also a retired advertising copywriter and Creative Director of some note, having worked for some of the leading ad agencies from London to Sydney. He has also run his own creative business, producing and directing corporate films and videos for a host of clients.

Gerry has now added another string to his bow by writing stories of a humorous nature, which he has turned into six iUniverse self-published books to date.

Gerry attributes his love of life, the craic, to his Irish father of whom he says:

“It is fair to say that Australia was genuinely naive and totally unprepared for the likes of such a schmoozer when he arrived on their shores. I unashamedly dedicate the Paddy Pest stories to his memory.”

About the iUniverse Paddy Pest Books

iUniverse The Lady on the TrainiUniverse Pest Takes a ChanceiUniverse Pest on the Run







IPPY-BRONZE-MEDAL-160Gerry has written four books of Paddy Pest stories, the ubiquitous Aussie gumshoe, and has won literary awards for three of them, including the recent IPPY Awards where Paddy’s People won the Bronze Medal for Best Fiction. Gerry said on hearing the news:

On the day that our magnificent filly, Fluffy (Tsarina Star) was placed at Mornington at long odds, I came home to discover that Paddy’s People had also been placed in the worldwide Independent Publisher Book Awards for best Fiction The IPPYs are the biggest book award contest in the world (6000 entries) so I am chuffed.”

What the critics say about Paddy Pest

iUniverse Paddy's People

2014 IPPY Award winner, iUniverse Paddy’s People by Gerry Burke

Pest Take a Chance is a collection of short tales from Gerry Burke who explores the life of crime fighter Paddy Pest through three tales that surround his life and understanding of his place in the bigger picture of the world. Pest Take a Chance is a strongly recommended pick for general fiction and humor collections.”

Michael Dunford

The Midwest Book Review

“There are no drawbacks to Pest on the Run that I can find, unless you don’t like crime spoofs. If you do, this is a simple, fun read, nicely done. Four stars.”

Henry Baum

SP Review

 iUniverse author Gerry Burke’s life stories

As well as the award winning and critically acclaimed Paddy Pest series, Gerry has written two volumes of humorous memoirs in a short anecdotal style. I’ll let Gerry tell you about them in his inimitable style:

iUniverse Down-Under ShortsDown-Under Shorts

“As the song says: I come from a land Down-Under. However, my short stories and opinion pieces are truly international and you are sure to be enthralled as I plunder the possibilities, probabilities and potential of all things relating to politics, entertainment, sport and travel; all the issues that you care about.

Share my bizarre lifestyle and amazing world wide adventures. Nothing will prepare you for this. Discover what my crazy friends and acquaintances are doing. With and without their pants on! This publication is more illuminating than a Chinese Fortune Cookie. And just as witty.

There were celebrity revelations in my first book that were absolutely unbelievable. This mouth-watering sequel will give you all this and more. Come with me on my journey and discover what a funny world we live in.”

From Beer to Eternity!

iUniverse From Beer To Eternity!

“Most people don’t have retentive memories, so verbalizing your opinions can sometimes be an historical nightmare: especially when beer is involved. That is why I have recorded the preceding pages for posterity. It is a bit of a guy thing but I am sure that women will love it.

In all modesty, these essays and articles are all about me but I would be surprised if some of them didn’t resonate with your own arsenal of memories. My shallow life is trivial but not uninteresting. You may recognize a like-minded soul? If so, we are well on the way to being book-buddies. My narratives are laced with wit and humor and revolve around the issues that you care about: relationships, animals, travel, sport stories and some celebrity revelations that you will find almost unbelievable.”

Learn more about iUniverse author Gerry Burke and his books

Gerry can be found at his website here and visit his very entertaining blog here. To see and buy his books visit the iUniverse Bookstore.


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