iU’s Ken Patterson and “The Extraterrestrials”

iUniverse author Ken Patterson tells us about his third book, The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army.

The Extraterrestrials front coverMy new work of humorous fiction is the third book I’ve published. I hold a BA in Creative Writing, and my two children and I live in Connecticut.

The majority of my writings have been influenced by a wide range of fiction, but the aforementioned novel was patterned specifically after Gideon Defoe’s series of humorous pirate books.

The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army, subtitled The True Story of What Happened at Roswell, New Mexico, is the story of a few unfortunate graynauts, who after crashing near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, embark on a road trip to Santa Fe with the hope of contacting earth-based kinfolk who can help crashed glieseans get back home.

The one message I would like to convey to readers with my most recent publication is to remember not to take life so seriously, and that laughter can sometimes not only make people feel better, but it can even help them reach their ultimate destinations with a lot less unhappiness.

I have a sequel to The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army in the works in my head, but I haven’t put anything on paper yet. I’d like to find out how well-received the first Extraterrestrials book is before I start writing another one.

My book’s marketing and promotional plans are still in their infancy, as this book was only released about a week ago, but I’ve been toying with a few ideas to get it more recognized. Good research and planning seem to be key. More research and less impulsivity is my mantra of late.

My favorite part of the iUniverse publishing experience was overseeing The Extraterrestrials! design. To actually see something innately mine manifest itself into its physical birth, with a face, so to speak, and a body, was worth every penny.

The only advice I would give to other authors is carpe diem. Your book isn’t going to publish itself.

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