J. Nichols Mowery further discusses “The Elizabeths Trilogy”

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iUniverse continues its exciting article from thriller author J. Nichols Mowery, who discusses the upcoming volumes in The Elizabeths Trilogy as well as her inspirations as a writer.

The books that have inspired me

Over the years I’ve read all of Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, James Michener, J.A. Jance, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, Dashiell Hammett, and the delightful series about Africa by Alexander McCall Smith plus many more.

Though none of these books are in the genre of The Elizabeths Trilogy’s Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann, The Paradigm Shift of Elizabeth Ann (out next year) or The Final Exemplar of Elizabeth Ann (out in 2017), they had something I needed to know at the time I read them, and still fill my bookshelves.

My favorite part of the publishing experience

elizabeth annAs a two dimensional artist, I was thrilled to work with the Designers for both the inside print and the book’s front and back covers. After suggesting the color, feeling and the impact I wanted, the three looks for the book design which came back fit the story and each had a definite feel for what to expect to find inside the book. The chosen is a remarkable design and will be used for each of the three covers with only the color and lettering changing.

Having never worked with a publicist, I was surprised what the service included. The publicity person was assigned for six weeks during which she reached thousands of various media. I received a report weekly with listings of who and where and what was sent and what was received back. I heard from people all around the world, was asked to write articles and gave radio interviews.

Random House/iUniverse’s PitchFest in Los Angeles in May let me interact with authors from around the world during the three day event. During that time I gave my two minute Pitch twenty times to twenty film production reps, from all sorts of Film and TV companies.


The second volume of the Elizabeths Trilogy

The Paradigm Shift of Elizabeth Ann was just sent via the internet to my iUniverse coordinator and he will send it off to their editorial panel for a double check edit. The book opens one year later on June first and returns the three women, Liz Day, Beth Anderson and Eliza Staples to us, one at a time. Each has exciting experiences within other dimensions, to meet new Elizabeth Anns and learn more about Parallel Lives.

You’ll meet Kip who comes to Liz. Then Beth is given messages from the touchstones and Eliza begins to feel the pain of negative Karma. A wondrous cave is discovered by Liz while a tidal surge sweeps Beth into another dimension and Eliza meets the Karma which leads her to her destiny.

As I write this piece for the iUniverse blog, the third volume of The Elizabeths Trilogy, titled The Final Exemplar of Elizabeth Ann, is already filling my head.

My advice to aspiring authors

I use these books to find needed words or facts: The Super Thesaurus by Marc McCutcheon as it’s easy to use and covers it all. The Flip Dictionary by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D. to catch the words the above doesn’t. Hodges Harbrace College Handbook for those of you long out of school. You’ll never have writer’s block if you just sit down and write. I use a great computer with Microsoft 10 word. Most important…FIND A GREAT EDITOR that is not a friend or relative.

Many kind thanks to Ms. Mowery for her excellent article!




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