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J. Nichols Mowery, author of The Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann, tells iUniverse about her book and her publishing experience. Ms. Mowery will follow this with The Paradigm Shift of Elizabeth Ann (Volume II) and The Final Exemplar of Elizabeth Ann (Volume III) of her Elizabeths Trilogy.

What is the book about?

elizabeth annThe Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann is a paranormal psychological thriller about three women who were originally born as one child. Each woman separated from the original child during a traumatic event which the child had no power to prevent. In that instant, an essence of the original child unknowingly split into a new Parallel Dimension where she experiences her own life and that which the Universe forces upon her.

Years later, on June first at 2 in the afternoon, the three women each suffer a tragedy that changes their life forever. Liz Day’s husband Peter is killed when his private plane crashes in the Coastal Mountain Range at 2 in the afternoon. Beth Anderson’s spouse Maxine Oakley loses her life to ovarian cancer at 2 in the afternoon. Eliza Staples shoots and kills her ex-husband and her best friend while in a medicated haze at 2 in the afternoon.

A week later, the women begin to encounter their exact likeness in other women who appear within their own home and each woman claims the space as their own. After many encounters, the three slowly realize they are Parallel Lives named Elizabeth Ann Anderson. With this acceptance, their separate dimensions entwine and mesh at the focused point of the golden stone set into the floor of their father’s original cabin.

As the Universe aligns on the Summer Solstice, each woman faces the consequences of her actions and that forces around them.

Why I wrote this book

One day as I strolled along my yard’s fence, I heard sounds of traffic coming from where no roads existed and I turned to see what made the racket. Where my lush garden and fence should be, I saw a busy street with one woman walking along a sidewalk at the same pace I was. There were store windows behind her, parking meters and moving traffic between us. We looked exactly alike in our features and build, the only difference was our clothing, she wore a business suit and I was in jeans and a tee-shirt.

As we walked in the same direction, our arms swung in tandem with each stride we took. She held a briefcase and I carried my notebook. If I slowed, she slowed. Traffic passed between us though never cut off our view of each other. When a semi-truck stopped between us, the mirror image of myself was gone when the truck disappeared. The area past my fence was again a large plowed field.

Going a bench, I sat and meditated on the vision. Several minutes into deep thought, a voice spoke at the back of my head, “Wrong book. Write Parallel Lives.” My eyes flew open and I shouted, “What did you say?” and the voice spoke again, “Wrong book. Write Parallel Lives.” At that time, I wrote the words in my notebook.

Later, a clairvoyant friend told me what I’d seen. “You saw one of your Parallel Lives.” Then she explained how these come to be. Readers of this blog can find her full explanation of the phenomenon of Parallel Lives in my book The Parallel Lives of Elizabeth Ann starting on page 105.

It was the first time I’d heard of Parallel Lives and didn’t understand how I’d write about them. Later that summer, while walking on my favorite Northwest Coast beach, the story unfolded to me as if I were watching a video: the family’s cabin, the children, the large golden agate set in the cliff face, and the hunk of the same stone set into the cement floor of the cabin when it is built, all came to me on that beach. The individual lives of each Parallel Life came later when I began to write their stories.

iUniverse will be back shortly with Part II of Ms. Mowery’s splendid blog.


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