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iUniverse Julia Ibbotson

Meet award winning author Julia Ibbotson 

iUniverse Publishing, back in February, discovered that we have yet another award winning author on our hands- Julia Ibbotson! As well as congratulating Julia for winning the prestigious 2012 London Book Festival Biography prize for her excellent memoir, “The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen” and posting a blog to that effect, we asked Julia if she would like to be a guest author on the blog. As you will discover Julia has been extremely busy,  but now has got back to us with a fascinating series of posts that demonstrate superbly the trials and tribulations of being a creative writer and aspiring author.

iUniverse Julia Ibbotson on writing

“I feel as though I have always been a writer. I wrote my first novel at the tender age of 10 years old. It was about my passions at the time: horses, farms and childish adventure, set in quintessential English countryside with traditional countryside pursuits and the permanency of historic farmhouses as ancestral homes. The stuff of dreams for a little English girl from the city suburbs!

But the book remains unpublished, mainly because I was never encouraged to send it to a publisher. If anyone asked me what I wanted to be I always said, a writer. But everyone persuaded me that you can’t make a living from writing; it was just a silly dream; and so it became a clandestine activity but one which I pursued privately for many a long year. Secretly, I wrote novels, short stories, poetry. I did it because my soul needed to create.

iUniverse The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen

    London Book Festival 2012 Biography Winner




I graduated from university with a good degree in English literature – the death knell for any creative writer! Then I became a school teacher and although I was encouraging and supporting my students to write, somehow I couldn’t put pen to paper myself any more. As time went by, I became a respected university academic and researcher, and I did write then, as part of my role – but my works were confined to academic papers on my research, articles on my field, monographs, formulaic and within the conventional strictures.

But something was missing in my life. I had a lovely, wonderful family, but there was a patch of arid desert where once there had been the blossom of creativity.”

Look out for the next episode in this enthralling commentary from the award winning  iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson- Dreams become Reality.

what a jewel this book is…truly a delight…a great writer…a delightful read, all the way to the end…loved it!”  Peggy Fellouris

To learn more about award winning iUniverse author, Julia Ibbotson, and her books , visit her website or on Facebook.



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