iUniverse learns from Rising Star author, Lisa K. Drucker Part 2

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iUniverse blog guest author, Rising Star Lisa K. Drucker takes us through the second installment of her narrative detailing her approach to the writing process and book creation. In this article Lisa shows us how she approaches those vital ingredients in any story or book- characters and their development and enrichment.

Creating a Book – Character Development

iUniverse Author's Notebook

  The all important author’s notebook

“Once I have a solid idea that has made its way into my notebook, it’s time to start working on characters. Whether book-length or short, my stories are always character driven, rather than action driven, so no matter how good the idea is, I scrap it if I can’t develop good characters relating to it.

I keep mulling over the polished story idea during my power walks, and I simultaneously think about the kind of characters that would turn the story idea into a good story. Main characters come to mind first and then minor characters. I write a full character sketch for each, including EVERYTHING I know about the character, even things that won’t appear in the actual story.

When every character has a full sketch, I start plotting the story. I focus on the setup, the first two story arcs, the midpoint, the final story arc, and the denouement (resolution). I follow what I learned taking screenwriting courses in graduate school, because that helps me keep my writing visual and prevents me from making any single scene too long.

I also gauge whether it will be a book-length novel, a novella, or a short story. Sometimes great characters have 300-plus pages worth of story in them; other times, only 10 or 20. The essence of the main character, even more so than the plot points, should dictate story length.”

iUniverse Arise O Pheonix

iUniverse 100,000th ebook by Rising Star author Lisa K. Drucker

iUniverse author Lisa K. Drucker hits the spot

Once again in the second of Lisa’s fascinating articles, she has clearly and succinctly demonstrated the process of how to develop characterization for your book.

To learn more about Lisa and her book, “Arise O Phoenix”, a story of love, fate and the strength of the human spirit set against the backdrop of 9/11, take a look at her website and get a preview of the book here.

iUniverse publishing says look out for Part 3- Establishing a Point of View- of this very informative series examining the book creation process here.


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