iUniverse learns from Rising Star author, Lisa K. Drucker Part 4

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iUniverse rising star awardIn the fourth part of this book creation series iUniverse blog guest author, Rising Star Lisa K. Drucker, moves on to the next vital stage of the process- establishing a setting for your novel.

Creating a Book – Setting

“Credibility of setting is essential to writing a novel.

Write what you know.” We’ve all heard that, and it’s good advice. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to experience firsthand whatever it is that you’re writing about. It does mean that you should be thoroughly research and extensively think about your topic and content. This is truer of setting than any other aspect of writing.

Setting will not ring true if improperly described, which means you have to “know” the setting through experience or research. Readers want to feel as if they’re “there”—wherever “there” is in your story—and it’s your job as the writer to make them feel that way. You can’t do that unless you can authentically replicate in words everything that is essential about the place and time you are describing.

For example, in Arise, O Phoenix, the 9/11 setting is a linchpin for all the action in the book, even the sections that take place decades earlier. Everything that happens in those prior years moves the characters toward their shared destiny on September 11, 2001. Readers describe feeling like they were “there” as they read the book, which was my exact intention while writing and re-creating the setting.”

iUniverse Editors ChoiceiUniverse guest blogger Lisa K. Drucker sets the scene

iUniverse Arise O Pheonix

iUniverse 100,000th ebook by Rising Star author Lisa K. Drucker

In this excellent post, Lisa has provided all aspiring authors with essential information in the development of a novel.

To learn more about Lisa and her book, “Arise O Phoenix”, a story of love, fate and the strength of the human spirit set against the backdrop of 9/11, take a look at her website and get a preview of the book here.

In Part 5 of this riveting series of blog posts from iUniverse publishing, Rising Star author, Lisa K. Drucker moves onto how and when to use dialogue.



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