iUniverse author Mike Kohler makes a plea for more clarity

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iUniverse author Mike KohleriUniverse recently talked to author Mike Kohler who had posted some interesting items on the iUniverse Publishing Facebook page. As his bio says Mike was born in 1948 and has lived a varied and unique life, in which he has found the magic that binds it all together and now he wants to share that magic with all through his books. However he has a few frustrations with the modern day processes. We leave it to Mike:

Proud of his iUniverse books.

 “I will start this by telling all that I am not a Rhodes Scholar, or even close to a Pulitzer Award, but I have something that many share with me, confusion!

I am new, as far as being a published author, however I now have three books, The Valley, The Keepers Children: The Realm and The Challenge of Palakrine, all self-published through iUniverse. These are the first three books of an eight book series and I am proud of them. They aren’t perfect by a long shot, but their mine.”

Confusion is a life style

iUniverse The Valley “Now here is where I should say that what I know about computers and the digital world could be put into a thimble and there would be enough room left over for a good sized pool party.

With these things said, you can understand my most commonly used word, concerning what others’ say on line, HUH???? I mean, how am I to know what they’re saying when the internet, and those who use it constantly, have devised their own language, and don’t seem to realize that there are old farts like me who are constantly looking at our screens and saying, “WHAT?”

Need to learn?

iUniverse The Keepers Children The Realm“I don’t mean to say that I can’t learn, but I am constantly coming upon things, I know were called something else less than a week ago. Go to thingamajig and click on what’s-it which will bring you to the Where-the-dickens-am-I and you can download that to your page. Are you kidding me? But I do admit, that in spite of myself, I am learning something’s, but geez!!!!

I am told that I need to get lessons on the terminology used on the internet and I agree, but even those leave me looking at the rest of the class, with glazed over eyes. Now I am sure that I am not the first to say these things, but what the bleeding blue bedazzles happened to the English language? Where have all of the known and accepted words disappeared to? What is going on here? Here’s a clue, I finally got the gist of what streaming is and trust me; it hasn’t got anything to do with boats.

I admit that I fought getting involved with computers and the internet for most of the existence of it, but now that I have found that there can be a use for it, especially getting my books published, I know that I have to adjust, but like most of us senior citizens, I get frustrated that nobody seems to want to talk so I can understand them!”

iUniverse author Mike Kohler pleads for a break

iUniverse The Challenge of Palakrine“Now I know that there are many of you snickering and thinking that old people should stick to their rocking chairs and leave the modern world to them, but try to remember that it was us that brought this entire concept to you. The problem is, now that you have it, you don’t want to share! You make up words and apply them where no reasonable human being would logically apply them. What this world needs, desperately by the way, is someone to come out with a dictionary of technological terms and expressions, that some of us less than savvy individuals can download and refer to regularly, so as not to sound as blithering idiots, just trying to get the weather reports!”

iUniverse Blog thanks author Mike Kohler

iUniverse thanks Mike for being so candid and we, on our part, will endeavor to make the whole self-publishing process clearer for all of our authors. Finally make sure you follow Mike on Facebook to learn more of his home truths.


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