iUniverse author Patricia A. Gray praises self-publishing

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iUniverse author Patricia A. Gray

iUniverse prolific author
Patricia A.Gray guest blogs for us

iUniverse blog recently spoke with one of our most active authors, Patricia A. Gray who self-published her sixth novel, “Ash Man” with us last year. Patricia here shares her thoughts on self-publishing and what keeps her motivated to keep writing.

Being a real author

“You know, I just like to write.  A few years ago I published my first novel with iUniverse and at the time it was merely a “frame” for my work.  I wanted to see my words in book form like a “real” author.  Now having completed my sixth novel and editing my seventh soon to come, I am realizing that I’m not alone in my self-publishing world and it’s good to see how this new form of publishing has taken off.  I suppose it’s not so new, now, but I like to think it hadn’t been around that long when I finished my first novel, “The Loner”.  I can’t say enough about how the ability to print on demand and market to a world-wide audience has improved things for the little guy.”

iUniverse The Loner

Debut novel by iUniverse author                    Patricia A. Gray

Scent of new books

“Since the first book, it’s nice to know that whatever tale I create I can see it through from pages on my computer to pages in my hand.  Nothing excites me more than to get my author copy in the mail.  It’s my newest “baby”, and I’m sure other writers can relate to the feeling.  I know that digital is where it’s headed but I still say you can’t beat the smell of a new book.  Now having gotten six of those author copies I still can’t wait until the next.”

Bringing stories to life

“What keeps me writing and motivated?  Usually it’s common activities that get me to thinking of a new idea.  The great thing about writing fiction is I can create whoever I want and have any situation I want…give me a guy with an issue he can’t seem to overcome and I’m a happy camper.  Let’s delve further into his psyche, see what makes him tick.  I suppose that’s my number one focus.  I want my readers to understand the people on the pages; I want them to feel for these people.  I want to evoke emotion.”

iUniverse Ash Man

Latest novel from iUniverse author                 Patricia A. Gray

Get to know more

iUniverse publishing is really grateful to Patricia for sharing her thoughts on writing and self-publishing with us and if you want to learn more about what makes a successful author tick, read her next blog post here on breathing life into book characters.


The Loner, November 2007
Scarred June, 2008
Ridder of Vermin, February 2009
Binding Ties December, 2009
The Fugitive Blues, October 2010
Ash Man, April 2012
All self-published with iUniverse publishing.

To learn more about Patricia and her books, visit her website at www.darkgraytales.com

iUniverse ScarrediUniverse Ridder of VerminiUniverse Binding Ties iUniverse The Fugitive Blues


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