An iUniverse author on self-publishing; On the Inside Looking Out

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iUniverse Howard RootiUniverse Blog recently contacted a debut author and advertising professional, Howard Root, on the publication of his historical novel, Among the Mohegansand asked his views on iUniverse and self-publishing. His response brought to mind a quote from legendary ad-man, David Ogilvy.

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife”

Here is what Howard said:-

On the Inside Looking Out

An Advertising Professional’s Look at Self-Publishing

As an advertising and editing professional, albeit now a retired one after almost forty years of “mixing it up” with clients, I thought I had a good handle on creative writing and the techniques to make to make the writing appealing to specific audiences. I thought I had an “edge” in creating my humble novel because I understood what it took to write engagingly—in other words, I was on the “inside of this publishing business looking out” at my target audiences.

iUniverse Among the MohegansOne of the biggest lessons I learned in creating my debut historical fiction title, Among the Mohegans here at iUniverse, is how little I really did understand about the entire process of publishing fiction—I was really on the “outside looking in.” I understood the need for good, hard-knuckled research and how that research could help steer the course of the tale, but I needed to learn the intricacies of plot and iUniverse Editors ChoiceiUniverse Rising Star award character development. Luckily for me, I learned this under the tutelage of a seasoned iUniverse editorial consultant who successfully dragged me kicking and screaming through the process.

iUniverse- A second set of eyes

iUniverse manuscriptcover-150x150In the ad business, one of the main tenets of solid advertising communication is the use of a “second set of eyes”; no communication leaves the agency unless it has been professionally proofread and critiqued. Here at iUniverse, editorial evaluation is provided as part of a package service, with proofreading, line editing, and content development as service add-ons. And then, there are the cover creative, marketing and public relations, and book distribution services fully available here. My recommendation to any prospective author is to use these services fully.

So, iUniverse calls these services “self-publishing, on-demand” services: The “self” part is the creative writing of the author, any author, that’s self-explanatory. The “publishing” and “on-demand” part of this equation are the bewildering array of services iUniverse offers to debut and “un-agented” authors to ease them into their respective marketplaces. Without these key services, most authors including myself, would be left running from pillar-to-post, floundering around without a lack of direction, and more than likely, needlessly spending hard-earned dollars.

iUniverse Copyeditor-150x150I would like to thank iUniverse for its well thought-out, cost-effective, and comprehensive array of editorial and distribution services; services that every prospective author should take advantage of.

iUniverse says thank you to Howard Root

iUniverse Blog would like to thank Howard for this article and trusts that his novel, Among the Mohegans, will be successful. So to help that end, go buy the book at Howard’s website or the iUniverse Bookstore.

Finally iUniverse acknowledges that self-publishing has had some critics, however “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”; and as another legendary ad-man, Bill Bernbach once said:-

“Word of mouth is the best medium of all”       


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