Tom Guzick talks baseball in his new book, “The Red Room”

Author Tom Guzick tells us about The Red Room, his collection of memoirs from coaching high school baseball for over three decades.

The Red Room - Guzick - Front CoverThe Red Room is about my experiences coaching high school JV baseball for the past 31 years.  The book includes chapters that deal with how I got the job, my early years of coaching, events that take place during the year and some short stories.  It also includes some motivational stories that have helped me over the years.

I have never had any interest in writing but I had some notes from some of my years of coaching.  Maybe I took these notes for this book but I wasn’t thinking about it at the time.

I started writing the book in November of 2015, using the notes from the previous years of coaching.   I finished the writing process in July of 2016.   I probably could have made the book longer but I really wanted to publish after the nine months of work.


Tom Guzick picI hope that the people that read The Red Room realize how much work goes into coaching but also the camaraderie that the coaching staff has in their daily lives.  I also hope people see how tough the job is when dealing with players, parents and umpires.

Being a retired astronomy teacher, my next book will be a children’s book on astronomy.  Chapter One is already completed.

I large number of people have told me that they are looking forward to reading the book.   The first day of sales several people have told me they bought the book.   I just autographed four books and this is the first day!

iUniverse did an outstanding job with every step of the publishing process.  I plan on using iUniverse with my next book.

For anyone that thinks they have an idea for a book, I say, “Go for it.”

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