Top Tools for Different Kinds of Writing, from iUniverse author Robert Morris

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iUniverse is delighted to present Robert Morris, an iUniverse author who shares some really helpful tips on getting through the writing and editing processes.

Top Tools for Different Kinds of Writing

Each writer has personal style and preferences, so it is difficult to make a generalization and pick universally-efficient tools for such an individual practice. However, there are apps, websites and tools that have been proven to be useful for particular types of writers, so make sure to test the ones that fit into your style.

Apps for Novelists… who don’t like Microsoft Word

Seriously, who writes a novel on Microsoft Word? You’ll make a much smarter choice with one of these two apps:


The name of the app for Mac says it all – it keeps you so focused on the work that you can almost reach James Joyce’s productivity levels. Although the software includes organizing, exporting, statistics and note-taking features, its simplistic design and the option for hiding all features you don’t need will keep the distractions away.


Although this app (which works for Mac and Windows) is slightly more complicated than Ulysses, it still enables you to leave everything behind and focus on your writing practice. Writing a lengthy novel requires masterful organization skills, and that’s exactly what Scrivener is all about. The app allows you to navigate through different sections of the document and find whatever you need in a matter of seconds.

Tools for writers who don’t like editing

… or we should say “tools for all writers”, since there is hardly anyone who likes the editing part. Many writers cannot afford to hire a long-term editor, so they are constantly looking for affordable options that are just as effective.


Although there are many automated editing tools, they are mostly intended for people who don’t need perfectly polished work. If you are a real writer, then you need a real editor, and NinjaEssays enables you to hire one. The best thing about this website is that it has writers and editors with different qualifications, so you can always find the perfect match and hire an editor who understands what you have written and knows how to improve it. You can also hire an actual writer when you get stuck somewhere along the creative process or you need an expert from a particular niche.

Tools for tablet users

Writing on a tablet may be strange at first, but nothing could possibly substitute this gadget in moments when inspiration strikes you. These are the apps that help you make the magic:

Write: Tablet Notepad/Journal

Thanks to this app, writers who use Android tablets can finally benefit from their full potential. This full-screen app for writing gives them a clean space where they can write down ideas with no distractions. Some of the notable features are the file management system, automatic saving feature, statistics menu, and backup support to different cloud services.


This writing app for the iPad is suitable for different types of writers, simply because it enables the users to make it as complicated or as simple as they want it to be. Editorial offers Dropbox versioning, word count, outlines, and anything else you might need in a text editor. However, the app also enables you to create custom actions that will make your work easier once you get used to the feature.

Apps for journaling

Any text editor you are used to may work for journal writing, but you’ll appreciate an app with special features intended to make this part of your day more productive.

Day One

This journaling app for Mac and iOS will not only provide a simple, clean place where you can write your thoughts and inspirations, but will also enable you to import photos, sync and publish the content, add reminders, and more. You can use the automatic features to add information about the location and weather, as well as your daily exercise.


If you use Linux or Windows, then RedNotebook is the right journaling app to use. Its simplistic features enable you to write a quick journal entry and move on with the remaining tasks for the day.

Clearly, there are many other tools, apps and websites that can make you a more focused and productive writer, so you should explore the opportunities and find the ones that appeal to you most. The 7 options listed above work for most writers who try them out, so you already have a starting point on your quest for the perfect tools.



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