Tyler Sizelove and his horror novel, “The Leaching”

iUniverse’s Tyler Sizelove talks about his newly published horror novel, The Leaching.


My new and first book, The Leaching, is a rather gruesome horror story that revolves around supernatural forces spawning form hell. In the events leading up to the climax, a group of educated and government funded officials work to restore a mysterious castle in the northern France. Apart from what they know about the castle on the surface is a vast underground vault with cursed gold once belonging to a satanic Duke who ruled during the Hundred Years War. The treasure underneath is known to a group of professional, but ruthless bandits that kidnap two of the restoration staff members, who become the main protagonists. Their struggle is to guide these tomb raiders through security and into the castle without being executed. Later their situation becomes dire as the armed robbers trigger the curse transforming the castle into a portal for hell’s torturers to pour into our world.



I’m a former Combat Engineer who served in the Army and later got out to study Graphic Design as a career in 2013. I worked a few odd jobs in Southern California during that time to make it but eventually graduated in 2015 and made my way up north to the central coast where I continue to seek out creative design work. When I get bored of drawing and designing, I will write ideas for a new fiction. Some grow to be almost full (unpublished) stories, and some only make it as far as the plot summary. It’s not my main talent, but more of a secondary way to stay occupied.



The main influence and motivation came from John Carpenter’s film; The Thing, and Ridley Scott’s Alien. I remember just how morbid and terrifying these monsters were portrayed growing up and in a way gave me hope that my ideas for monsters might just be as morbidly entertaining. I also noticed how much of the horror these days is the cliché haunted house or evil ghost possession scenario. I wanted to go a step further with physical twisted things that are real and present in the character’s world, and are indeed a larger threat than any ghost or spiritual demon.


If any message I would like to convey to the readers, based off of the book, it is to be careful with what you wish for or covet. As it might turn against or even destroy you in a metaphorical or even a harmful way. The golden prize that may seem attractive at the end of it all can come with severe repercussions; and leads one to think; is it worth it?




I am thrilled that the book will be sold through major book stores and online retailers. I am very excited to see just how well it does for readers wanting a chilling read.


iUniverse made it very easy for me to understand the whole publishing and editorial process. As a first time official writer I was skeptical of the whole thing, but they gave me confidence that my story could work out. I was quite impressed with the editors who picked up my slack when it comes to grammar, and essentially sharpened up the flow of the words.


To new authors and those who seem to be stuck in limbo, I would say that there is nothing wrong with breaking a few rules. Write what you feel or imagine, because there are those readers out there who can relate. They don’t need another remake, or redundant jump scare, they need something outlandish mixed with real world struggles.


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