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iUniverse author, David Perlstein, celebrates his novel, Slick! reaching Kirkus Reviews Top 25 Indie Books Of 2012

When iUniverse asked Kirkus Reviews Top 25 Indie author of 2012, David Perlstein if he would like to be a guest blogger we are thrilled by the passion and honesty about writing and book publishing that David imbues into his blog posts. So we leave it to David:-

 “To many people, the American Dream represents wealth and celebrity. Writers understand. Most of us fantasize about producing bestsellers that amasses critical praise. The New York Times would profile us. We’d appear on 60 Minutes, chat with Charley Rose and trade witticisms with Terry Gross. We’d also be mobbed at bookstores and sought out for dinner parties.

Some writers live the dream. Most of us don’t. We write each day. We produce a book. We hustle to find readers. The earth spins on. Maybe we receive some recognition. Kirkus Reviews iUniverse Slick!chose my novel, Slick! as one of the Top 25 Indie Books of 2012. Nonetheless, we toil on in anonymity. See the full Kirkus Review at http://bit.ly/UIg6uR

A disappointing scenario?  Perhaps. But when we open ourselves to the process of writing as well as to the product, we achieve a great deal of satisfaction.

As for me, my books are like my children. I have three—adult children, that is. As a parent I ask, how do I want them to live? What values should my children demonstrate?

It all comes down to integrity. I want my kids to be thoughtful, honest and fair. And I want them to do what’s right not because it’s profitable or trendy but because that’s what they should do.

I hold my writing to the same standard. Fame and fortune may escape me, but I can—and must—write with integrity. Independent publishing helps support that.”

Look out for more to come from David Perlstein on the iUniverse blog.

iUniverse San CafeGuest blogger David Perlstein Bibliography

David is the author of two nonfiction books:

Solo Success: 100 Tips for Becoming a $100,000-a-Year Freelancer (Crown Publishing, New York)

God’s Others: Non-Israelites’ Encounters With God in the Hebrew Bible (iUniverse).

Also David has self-published two novels through iUniverse


San Café.

Find out more about David and his books at http://davidperlstein.com

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