William Allen Burley and “MacKenzie’s Farewell”

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iUniverse author William Allen Burley tells us about MacKenzie’s Farewell, the first installment in an exciting new trilogy!


The specter of radio-active poison threatens three Connecticut towns. Roxbridge may be named the State’s choice for warehousing nuclear waste. Residents Rob MacKenzie and Maryann Caton defend their town from an entrenched bureaucracy. Will they succeed? If so, at what cost?


Burley front coverMacKenzie’s Farewell probes three compelling eternal truths:

  • Love overcomes cultural differences and is the agent bonding men and women,adults and children, neighbor to neighbor.
  • Education frees humans from limiting superstitions through reason, logic, and the application of science.
  • Environmental activism is necessary to combat the onslaught of greedy corporate polluters and deadly industrial byproducts.


Maryann and Rob enjoy a nine-month romance in pursuit of a winter wedding. On their quest, they wrestle with contrasting personalities. Maryann is assertive and feisty, Rob quiet and introspective. She is a tenacious lawyer. He is an earth science educator. Maryann’s child, Jake, adds humor to their lives. Working as a team, Maryann and Rob confront challenging issues facing contemporary society.


Burley photo 1I earned four degrees at Columbia University including an Ed.D. in education ethics. I retired as a public school administrator in Connecticut and now concentrate on educating people about run-away population growth and environmental degradation. I am married, live in Boulder, Colorado, and have an adult son.



I participated in “Intergenerational Writing” at the University of Colorado in 2016, teaming with a college senior. Up to now, my writing has focused on contemporary political issues, educational topics, and environmental concerns.


Burley photo 2MacKenzie’s Farewell is my first novel. My plea for preserving the environment is now expressed through fiction woven into a love story.


I have two pieces of advice for my readers. They are implied in my novel. One: Become engaged in the struggle to resist corporate pollution. Two: Become active in Earth preserving campaigns.


MacKenzie’s Farewell is the first installment of a trilogy following Rob’s and Annie’s trek through life. Book two, God, Guns and Charter Schools is 75% complete. The final installment, The Field Trip is outlined in concept.


The publication date of MacKenzie’s Farewell is too recent for me to have a set marketing plan.


However, I have a Facebook page where the novel was posted. Dozens of acquaintances and institutions were notified including independent bookstores where I have contacts. And I am in the process of designing a website – williamallenburley.com – where I plan to blog in response to readers’ questions and provide tips to anyone brave enough to seek advice from a novice.


My foray into self-publishing was beneficial on all levels. I now understand the importance of controlling the process and have confidence to chart my own course from cover design to local editing. Creating a book is a form of artwork, from writing clear descriptive sentences to designing attractive covers and interior layouts. But all the pretty pictures in the world and fancy interiors can’t compete with a well-written compelling narrative and satisfactory ending.


I can only offer advice to aspiring authors in the context of self-publishing. Stay focused, write every day, share your work with someone who will be honest with you, and don’t let perfection become the enemy of good.


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