Jerry McDermott and his third iU book, “Choices: For Our Eternal Home”

iUniverse talks with author Jerry McDermott, who has just published his third book with us, called Choices: For Our Eternal Home.

Please tell us about your book and yourself . . .

Mcdermott front coverMy book, Choices: For Our Eternal Home, describes a journey that everyone makes. Yes, we all die in this life, but an eternal life then begins.  I use the Bible as a manual how we can attain a godly eternity instead of sharing the second death. This approbation, a curious phrase, is used to describe the hellish life which is without the  heavenly  God.  Instead we will experience eternity absent of God and any goodness. Our master will be demonic spirits led by Satan.

The occupants of hell are the folks who lived their way, oblivious to  the creator’s ways and laws. His ways relate to His promises of eternal life with Him. Follow His promises and learn with certitude you will live a heavenly life.

What are your literary influences?

Jerry M picMy literary influences are threefold. I started with metallurgical treatises, reports and presentations. I then branched off to automotive reports based on my personal racing experiences as well as photographing racing. At the same time, I used my religious experiences and schooling  in preaching and teaching the Word of God.

I published about 400 magazine articles many times using my photographs. My one automotive book was serialized by chapter in Cavallino Magazine but  not in a hard cover book.

With the ancient biblical prophecies being fulfilled in our time as never before, this era is being called the End Times which includes the Messiah returning. Therefore, my books are focused on these times. The main purpose is that people will orient their lives toward a heavenly reward. All of my books took about two years due to other commitments and articles in worldwide  magazines.

What message would you like to convey to readers?

A person may be totally involved in portable electronics without any consideration of their afterlife. Choices discusses this life leading to either happiness or dread in the next life.


Plans for a sequel?

Actually, the sequel is already written and will be released shortly. In fact, I am working on the sequel to the sequel by research and biblical studies.

Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Book store signing, Amazon, with my other two books already listed, and IU promotions.


And, any advice for aspiring authors?

When asked, I’ve always advised people who never written before to put away their laptop or PC and take a pencil and start writing. The new writer has to experience emotion from either their life or in the character they are trying to describe. I started this way and learned how the emotion can flow through the pencil or ball point pen.

If they have difficulties starting, choose some club magazine. No doubt they have some hobbies where they are very conversant. Ergo: write what you know. The item to expand is experience. If you do  not have it , you need to develop it.  Of course, by now you should be using  a laptop or PC.

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