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Linkedin LogoAlthough you may think Linkedin is a social media platform solely for the business world; think again, as it is now such a useful resource, as it grows a new person every second and with the average household income per user hitting $109,000+, you know you are dealing with people who have the means to buy lots of your books.

There is a word of caution in how you use it, being that it is the largest business networking site in the world, there is a mindset shift when users log on- the mood changes, the messages are more professional, conversations are more geared toward partnerships and transactions. So here are 9 tips to help get Linkedin working for you and your book

Linkedin_IconComplete your profile

Your Linkedin profile is the heart and soul of your online presence and it usually ranks in the top 5 of Google search results for “Your First and Last Name”. So make sure you fill out your profile 100% for starters, then

Linkedin_IconConnect with everyone

The purists say only connect with those you already know and trust, but you want to sell books so expand your opportunities and options to the 100 million plus members on LinkedIn? Use LinkedIn like a live networking event.

Linkedin_IconCustomize your Linkedin profile to your website

It’s a basic thing to do. Create a call to action that attracts more attention than just having a generic link that says “My website”.

Linkedin_IconBe compeling

Most Linkedin profiles are extremely dry and showcase zero personality or compelling attributes, so add an interesting story in your summary. For instance have a video recommendation pop up in the first few seconds and tell people who you are, what your book is all about and why they should read it.

Linkedin_IconRecommend others

Recommending others for Linkedin without them asking you to is a great way to help increase the social media credibility on their profile and yours.

Linkedin_IconJoin targeted groups

LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn groups!  It doesn’t matter what your interests are or business you are in, this the part of LinkedIn you should be focusing on the most. There are great benefits to both joining and being a part of niche-related groups, and better still being the owner of them.

Linkedin_IconConnect with Twitter

Do make sure to connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn. Just use the #in with a Twitter update and it will sync to your LinkedIn account when there is a specific message you want people to see

Linkedin_IconOptimize your search ranking

Ensure that your keywords are included in all areas; Headline, Current experience, Past experience, Summary and Specialized Services

Linkedin_IconAdd Advanced Applications

Just go to the applications section on your profile to see which ones you could start using today and look out for new ones that come out in the future.

iUniverse Publishers trusts that these handy hints will help you utilize Linkedin to your best advantage to sell more books




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