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Facebook LogoiUniverse Publishing Company is a huge advocate of using Facebook to get your book noticed and to sell more copies. So what are you doing to make your Facebook page savvier?

Here are some expert tips from iUniverse Publishing Company to help get the most from Facebook.

Facebook LikeiUniverse Publishing Company says invite people

  • Initially invite your own Facebook friends to like your book page.
  • Click on ‘Invite Email Contacts’ to upload your email list and send a message asking people to like your Page and to promote your book.
  • Promote your book page web address on all book marketing materials.

Facebook LikeEngage your audience

  • When you post content and have conversations on your page, you’re creating interest for free thereby creating opportunities to generate sales.
  • Being a bit provocative and edgy is the perfect tone for Facebook, as it gets attention. You are also more likely to get comments.

Facebook LikePost quality content regularly

  • When people like your Page, they’re saying they are interested in your book. Posting quality content is the most important thing you can do to keep them interested.
  • Make sure your posts relate to your target potential book readers and buyers
  • Be succinct, friendly and conversational
  • Photos and videos are more engaging-so share lots
  • Ask questions or seek input
  • Offer exclusive information and specials
  • Be timely by posting about your book signing events etc.
  • Promote discussion and always reply to comments, even if it is just to “like” them; even respond to negative comments.

Facebook LikeLearn the ins and outs of all the Facebook features

  • Did you know that you can highlight a post by hovering over it and clicking the star? Also you can pin a post to the top
  • Be sure your fan page has a link where your book is for sale.
  • Have your website and blog address listed in your information.
  • Add a cover to your homepage. Experiment with how you can use your book’s cover design and profile avatar to make the most attractive combination and change often, Facebook notices and tells your friends.
  • Be sure to post on your fan page from your homepage and from your homepage to your fan page.
  • Give your followers excerpts from the book to whet their appetites.
  • Upload images that are interesting and make comments slyly referencing your book.

Facebook LikeDon’t be shy

  • Finally iUniverse Publishing Company says consider starting a page for practice and not making it live until you’re happy and get to know all the Facebook tools as they are only useful if the person wielding them learns to do so effectively.
  • iUniverse Publishing Company says now get out there and get Facebook marketing.



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