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Twitter_bird_logoIf you are serious about book marketing then Twitter is a great way to go. Many authors will give Twitter a stab but quickly feel disappointed with it. That’s probably because this microblog site requires a bit of finesse and a high dose of patience.

In this article iUniverse Publishing gives you pointers on your book marketing using Twitter.

Twitter iconiUniverse Pubishing advice is  to please DO try the following

  • DO follow your favorite authors and learn from them.
  • DO update your bio with a brief introduction and a pleasant picture. It’s the first thing people see.
  • DO write a coherent sentence. Yes, 140 characters isn’t much but you’re a writer.
  • DO find an area of expertise related to your book and tweet about the topic to find your followers.
  • DO get to grips with the # feature. For example you might tweet about the problems you’re having writing a character and use the #amwriting tag. Your tweet will show up to anyone looking at that trend.
  • DO tell your followers about your achievements. If you have a book signing, or if you are mentioned in the media; Tweet it.
  • DO follow back if someone follows you. Twitter is all about building friendships.
  • DO reply to other people’s comments. Interact and communicate. That’s what Twitter’s all about.
  • DO re-tweet interesting items. If there’s a link or story that you found appealing share it.
  • DO shorten URLs when posting a link (remember you only have 140 characters per tweet). Try Bitly.

do-not-symboliUniverse Publishing advice is please DON’T do these

  • DON’T only focus on your book. Imagine Twitter as a social gathering place. Constantly jumping in with sales talk about your title may alienate them.
  • DON’T post dozens of updates in one session as this may annoy your followers and they will stop following.
  • DON’T set unrealistic expectations. You are not going to sell millions of your book because you tweeted something.
  • DON’T forget to tweet regularly at least once per day at around the same time. Then your followers will be expecting it.
  • DON’T lose patience. Building up a base of followers takes time and dedication. Giving up early means you’re missing out on Twitter’s unique marketing potential.
  • DON’T neglect Twitter. You’ve got to remain active. Patience will pay off.
  • DON’T Tweet the same content over and over as it will quickly turn people off. Be original and fresh.
  • DON’T make your tweets private. It completely defeats the purpose of Tweeting in the first place.

These Twitter tips were brought to you by iUniverse Publishing. Please keep coming back for more advice and feel free to contact us with your own ideas; or join the authors on the iUniverse Blog.



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