2013: The Year of the Writer

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iUniverse says that 2013 is the Year of the Writer

iUniverse publishing has been taking a look at what we might expect in 2013 and we found that it is the year of many things, for instance for the Chinese it’s the Year of the Water Snake, for The European Union it’s the Year of the Citizen, for the United Nations  it’s the Year of Water Cooperation, for colors it’s the Year of Indigo, for the land of the ‘Bonnie Heather’, it’s the Year of Natural Scotland, it’s also the International Year of Statistics supported by over 1400 organizations and for Colorado it’s the Year of the Student .

Also iUniverse publishing has found that there is any number of predictions for the book publishing industry in 2013, from the first free eBook, more consolidations in the industry, eBook growth will slow –whatever!

But one thing that 2013 could and should be is the Year of the Writer.

There have never been as many options out there to get your story published as there are now, no longer do you have to face the fear of rejection, you can self-publish, you can have printed books or digital books or both plus the options for book marketing are now staggering – traditional advertising, online advertising, book fairs, book signings, video trailers, websites, blogs, social media are just a few of the myriad ways you can bring your book to market.

The Author as Leader

So, the rest of the publishing business world has now started to realize just how much great writers are and can be worth. Well, a lot of writers have already realized that they are in control, and have clued in to the fact that they don’t need an agent to succeed at doing what they love and desire and chosen self-publishing to fulfill their dreams.

The boom in options for book publishing will drive thousands more writers and aspiring authors to control their own destinies. Add to that the self-publishing boom with eBooks and the many other ways to publish and print and the author truly can run his or her own show.

Legendary author Mark Twain

Legendary author Mark Twain

iUniverse is excited for you in 2013

iUniverse publishing says 2013 brings massive opportunities for our favorite people – our authors and aspiring authors. The world is your oyster so all you budding Dickens, Kings, Tolkiens and Twains get writing and publish that book in 2013.

To see the many options and packages that are available to self-publish your book, visit our website at www.iUniverse.com.




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