Blue Ink gives a starred review to Popham’s “Grace Period”

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iUniverse is delighted to announce a strong review of Melinda Worth Popham’s Grace Period, by Blue Ink Reviews.

Please find some great excerpts from the Review below:

Grace “Grace Period is a skillfully written, inspiring story of spiritual growth that recalls the writings of Anne Lamott, with its openness about the raw vulnerabilities of motherhood and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love with its honest and searing search for a higher purpose in life.

“Melinda Worth Popham was a privileged, middle-aged Malibu writer when her young daughter developed debilitating depression. At the same time, Popham was divorcing her emotionally distant husband. Thus destabilized, this intellectual with “spiritual inklings” signed up for a Centering Prayer Workshop, “so nervous and excited you’d think I agreed to go on a blind date with God.

“As she relates her story of loneliness and learning, this Buddhist-leaning Episcopalian shares Bible passages sparingly and delightfully references Jung, Gilgamesh, Dante and Ram Dass, among others.

“Her stories—such as her admission of anxious parental over-protectiveness, and a confession that she rewarded herself with wine when she completed New Testament flashcards—endear her, while her insightful turns of phrase send us reaching repeatedly for the highlighter.

“Ultimately, this is a wise, honest, satisfying memoir. Anyone who has suffered, or lives with a modicum of spiritual curiosity, will relate to Popham’s experience and want to press this book into the hands of a friend (or 12).”

Check out the full review here!

Congratulations to Melinda on getting such excellent recognition!



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