iUniverse learns how Bookstores work with self-published Authors

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iUniverse advises self-published authors how to get book sales at their local bookstore

iUniverse says that indie authors must be diligent in searching out physical bookstores in which to sell their books. One of the hardest aspects is presenting a convincing pitch for the shore. It helps to provide examples of how other bookstores have supported local self-published authors.

Karen Schechner, the senior editor at Kirkus Indie, recently wrote a very insightful piece for the American Booksellers Association, describing several examples of bookshops stocking indie works and how they accommodate and collaborate with local authors.

It is a thought provoking must read article for iUniverse published authors.

For example :

“Denver’s Tattered Cover Book Store, authors and small local publishers can sell their books on consignment via the Rocky Mountain Authors program. The benefits and requirements of the program as well as answers to frequently asked questions are provided on the store’s website.

A book must be professionally bound and approved by staff. Once it’s approved, a $30 administrative fee is charged”

Read the Full article from American Booksellers Association

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