iUniverse focus on our children’s story giant, Robert Quackenbush

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recite-20145-1562188100-1y6imuwDenmark has Hans Christian Andersen, Germany the Brothers Grimm, UK Roald Dahl with illustrator, Sir Quentin Blake – all true giants of children’s literature; but what about the USA you may ask? Well we have one, the great Robert Quackenbush, who has written and illustrated over 200 books for children and now some of this octogenarian’s classics are available through iUniverse Publishing, including Detective Mole and the Piet Potter stories; which were inspired by his son when he was a boy. Not just an author, this extremely talented man, Robert Quackenbush is also an outstanding artist and educator.  

iUniverse Robert QuackenbushHe is a frequent visiting author at schools and libraries presenting programs designed to instill the love of books and reading into the youth of today. These trips have taken him across the US, the South Americas, the Middle East and Europe. Not forgetting his art which is on permanent display at the Smithonian, the Whitney Museum and the U.S. Air Force Museum to name but a few.

iUniverse Piet Potter Strikes Again Featured His books have won many awards including an Edgar Allen Poe Special Award for Best Juvenile Mystery, a gold medal from the Holland Society of New York for distinction in art and literature and a Gradiva Award. On top of his many accomplishments, his popular Miss Mallard Mysteries have been made into animated films for children’s worldwide television programming that are showing in 70 countries.

iUniverse says take a look at what Home Schoolbook Review said


Detective Mole excellent!

iUniverse Detective Mole“My wife and I both like to read good mysteries. Therefore, we encouraged our boys to read mystery stories, beginning with those designed for young readers. They not only are interesting and fun but also help to stimulate critical thinking skills as children try to figure out “whodunit.” In Detective Mole, the first book of a series, Mole gets his diploma from private-eye school and sets to work solving one zany case after another as the new detective searches for clues and promises everyone that he’ll “Check it out.” Author and illustrator Robert Quackenbush’s wacky mini-mystery stories and hilarious pictures will keep readers laughing.”

iUniverse says learn more

To learn more about this fascinating man and his work, visit his Web site www.rquackenbush.com or like him on Facebook.

To see more of some of Robert Quackenbush’s timeless treasures, visit the iUniverse Bookstore or see all his books at http://www.rquackenbush.com/books.htm#rat

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