iUniverse author gets his debut novel optioned

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Thruline Entertainment Secures Exclusive Rights for Potential Production of Robert MacNeill’s Gorging Out as a movie

Author Solutions, LLC, announced recently that Hollywood-based production company Thruline Entertainment has secured a rights option for iUniverse title “Gorging Out.” The option grants Thruline a period of exclusivity during which it can acquire the title’s rights for the purposes of producing a feature film based on Robert MacNeill’s 2011 novel.

‘‘Gorging Out’ is one of the most engaging and twisted thrillers that I’ve read in a long time,

On the face of it, the logline might seem like a challenge to most traditional publishers and might never have seen the light of day if Robert hadn’t self-published through Author Solutions. I’m just thrilled that I was able to discover it and now have the opportunity to bring it to life on the big screen.”

 commented Danny Sherman, producer with Thruline Entertainment.

The plot of iUniverse Gorging Out

iUniverse Gorging Out

iUniverse title optioned by Thruline

The plot of Gorging Out focuses on failed graduate student Roger Froehlich, who after leaving  his wife, his young son, and worldly possessions behind, escapes to his hometown and the only important person in his life—his aunt Alicia. Terminally ill, his aunt asks Roger to help reunite her with her estranged son, Fritz, who’s suddenly disappeared. Despite his scorn for Fritz, Roger agrees to help his dying aunt and unwittingly finds himself dragged into the dark world of Fritz’s sexual perversion that leads to extortion, suicide, and murder. Suddenly in the midst of a driving desire to serve his aunt and his cousin’s sinister secrets, Roger is forced to do things he never could have imagined. In this suspenseful tale driven by the unscrupulous intentions of a graduate student, Roger finally confronts evil under horrifying circumstances and soon discovers how quickly hate can transform into revenge.

About iUniverse author Robert MacNeill

Robert MacNeill was educated at  Yale and then went on to earn a PhD in animal ecology and behavior from Cornell. He recently left his successful career in conservation so he could focus 100% on his writing. What MacNeill said about his book:

“The novel is gripping and engaging; it drags the readers into the plot and doesn’t let go until the shocking conclusion,”

 “It will stick with the reader for a long time.”

The optioning of iUniverse Gorging Out represents the latest success for authors who are making connections with Hollywood through Author Solutions Book-to-Screen services which include the Pitchfest events held throughout the year.



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