iUniverse Good News Update – Summer 2018

Summer is in full swing, and we at iUniverse hope that you are having a restful season of reading — and writing! We’re having a great year of helping authors publish in a wide spectrum of genres. Here’s what a few of our authors are saying about their experience of publishing with iUniverse. Click on the authors’ names to read more about them and their books!


Claudio B. Clagluena, The Petrossian Legacy

My experience with my publisher iUniverse is delightful, magic, filled with non-ending efficiency and professional communication. Although I live and write about 13.000 miles away, the consultation and information exchange is live and, therefore, extremely supportive. Thanks, iUniverse!


Issa J. Gammoh, Relationship Equations, Spiritual Enslavement, and Righteous Management

Easy, friendly, fast, and professional.



Sandra Donald, It’s Your Time

My publishing consultant was a good listener, encouraging and supportive. When I received my copy of the book I was blown away, when I saw how it had all come together. It was a humbling experience and made me feel encouraged and empowered.



Darren Sylte, There Is a Dragon under My Door

iUniverse has been a great resource for me, from the initial contact to the final product. iUniverse provides exceptional communication and remarkable flexibility in working with me in all phases of the process. The guidance from the iUniverse team was indeed extraordinary.



Guy Franks, A Midsummer Madness

This is my first run at self-publishing, and I have to say that iUniverse delivered on everything they said they would in a timely and professional manner. I’ve also recommended them to other author-friends of mine as an alternative to trying to crack through the granite monolith that is traditional publishing. One of my favorite experiences was working with the iUniverse folks in designing my book cover. And, of course, nothing beats the kick you get when you see that book cover for the first time on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com.



Michael Dean Kiggans, The Funeral Plain

I was impressed with the various editors who, with diligence, improved my book, by completely marking up the manuscript and offering suggestions, whether I wanted them or not. I would say that I followed 99% of the suggestions.



Alastair Sharp, The Book of Consequences

I have used iUniverse for all my books and I like and trust the simplicity of the process and the control that I keep over how the final product comes out.




Allan Wilson Cates, Vagabond Years

I appreciate the book design that iUniverse has produced for my book. That is something that is far beyond my abilities. It looks great.




Mona K McVay, Little Moo’s Big Adventure

All the people at iUniverse are very helpful!





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