Recognition for Scheller’s “Try to Remember – Never Forget”

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book-coverSandra Scheller’s Try to Remember – Never Forget, written with her mother Ruth Sax, has achieved splendid recognition since its publication in October. The book is the story of Ruth’s endurance of the Holocaust and her subsequent residence in America.

Ruth has been interviewed by the San Diego Jewish Journal, in a very nice article. She and Sandra have also appeared on TV, on San Diego’s KUSI News, which can be found here.


On top of that,  Sandra has even received a letter of appreciation from President Obama!


Pres. Obama’s letter to Sandra (click to enlarge)

Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax’s life story begins in Moravia in 1928, where she lived comfortably as an only child with her parents, who were shopkeepers. The family moved to Brno. When Ruth turned eleven, the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia, and life changed for everyone.

By 1941, the family found themselves getting off a transport train in Theresienstadt, where Ruth was forced to grow up quickly. Separated from her father, she survived awful circumstances, only to be sent to Auschwitz in 1944, where she faced Dr. Mengele half a dozen times. Here she was shaved to prevent lice infestation, wrapped her feet in paper to keep them warm, and witnessed the deaths of many.

Finally reunited in 1945, the family made their way back to Brno, and Ruth later migrated to America, where she married Kurt Sax, whom she had met at age seven. This memoir narrates the dramatic life circumstances that led Ruth Goldschmiedova Sax from her birthplace in central Czechoslovakia to three concentration camps and, finally, to her home in America.

This memoir narrates the dramatic life circumstances that led her from her birthplace in central Czechoslovakia, to three concentration camps, and finally to her home in America.

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