Reviewers Salute “To Any Soldier” by Quigg and Hendricks

quiggTo Any Soldier: A Novel of Vietnam Letters, a novel by Kathryn Watson Quigg and G.C. Hendricks, has just received three stellar reviews from Blueink, Clarion, and Kirkus. The novel features the correspondence between a college freshman and a Marine pilot, set at the height of the Vietnam war. iUniverse congratulates its authors on great attention that their book is getting!

Please find below some excerpts from these excellent reviews:

From Blueink:

“This is a finely written, illuminating tale about an era when our country was at odds over a war that many opposed, a war where veterans were often seen not as heroes but villains. The characters are likeable, but imperfect; their situation realistic; their correspondence humorous, direct and enlightening, particularly as it pertains to the life of a fighter pilot at war. Such a tale could turn predictable, but To Any Soldier does not take the easy path and the outcome is a question to the very poignant end.

“This tale takes on difficult issues without blinking, and readers will close the book feeling enlightened and moved. To Any Soldier is sure to please a wide audience.”

G.C. Hendricks

G.C. Hendricks

From the Clarion Review:

“Ashley Beth and Jay are well-constructed characters. Ashley Beth’s girlish writing is a strong reflection of who she is: a wide-eyed southern belle making her way through college life. Yet she also has depth, and her ambition and intelligence shine through as well. Jay’s transition from parochialism to broadmindedness is interesting to engage with, and his precision and earnestness make for compelling reading.

“Perceptive, well-written, and evocative, the letters offer an indelible portrait of coming-of-age in complicated times. Jay and Ashley Beth’s self-reflections encapsulate the emblematic cultural shifts of the 1960s. Their missives discuss weighty topics like faith and religion, women’s roles, sex, antiwar activism, and combat. They also trade carefree musings about music, tanning, favorite foods, and family. The letters are powerful in their ability to showcase two young people figuring out who they are.”


Kathryn Quigg

Kathryn Watson Quigg

From Kirkus Reviews:

“Together, the authors craft a marvelously sensitive portrayal of an affectionate relationship, conducted in epistles over thousands of miles. It’s an affecting depiction, sweet but never cloying and brimming with wisdom about the strength and fragility of love.

“A beautiful, achingly affectionate love story in correspondence.”



We wish Kathryn and G.C. even more splendid reviews, and look forward to hearing continued feedback about To Any Soldier.


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