Author Gives Self-publishing with iUniverse a Big Thumbs Up!

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iUniverse Bill Rogers and Steve Mueller

iUniverse recently contacted newly self-published Rising Star author of the comic novel, “Crystal Balls”, Bill Rogers, to ask if he would consider being a guest author on the iUniverse blog. This is what he said:-

“I was scared when I signed up for iUniverse’s editorial services, because my co-author is dead. Steve Mueller passed away ten years ago, right after he and I finished a screenplay version of “Crystal Balls.” So when iUniverse hooked me up with an editor, I was afraid the editor would make a bunch of lousy suggestions, and Steve isn’t around to defend himself, and it would be awkward. However, the iUniverse editor was great, and actually made fantastic suggestions. After we were done, “Crystal Balls” was better than before. In fact, it’s now the best it can be.”

About the Book

Patricia Pearson

Patricia is a writer/journalist and the best-selling author of three non-fiction books and two novels, including “Area Woman Blows Gasket: And Other tales from the Domestic Frontier

The novel “Crystal Balls” is a hilarious  tale about the adventures—and misadventures—of four pals who inadvertently have their lives changed forever following their fateful decision to step out of their regular lives into what turns out to be an bizarre supernatural world.

And this is what one reviewer said:-

“If the characters from Superbad went on a quest for God instead of sex, this novel might have been the result. A buddy caper that is equal parts funny, tender-hearted and absurd.”                                                             

                                                       –Patricia Pearson

About the Authors

iUniverse Crystal Balls

“Crystal Balls”, a new novel

Bill Rogers earned his first degree at Trinity College, University of Toronto, in music and philosophy, and subsequently his law degree at Queen’s College. Alongside his family law practice, he is a private music teacher and volunteers to teach music to at-risk youngsters. Bill is also an award-winning journalist whose articles have appeared in the Lawyers Weekly, Toronto National Post, and the Toronto Globe and Mail.

His co-author Steve Mueller, now deceased, was a college psychology professor, a member of Mensa and a “bon vivant”. He maintained that he had psychic abilities that enabled him to communicate with the dead.

iUniverse rising star awardiUniverse says thanks to Bill

iUniverse publishing would like to thank Bill for his extremely kind words and wishes him every success with  this debut Rising Star awarded novel, “Crystal Balls.”

You can see more about this debut self-published iUniverse novel, “Crystal Balls”, here.


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