iUniverse Bonshea: A Story that must be Told

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iUniverse Bonshea' Making Light of the Dark

A must read from iUniverse

We just want to say iUniverse author Coral Anika Theill memoir, “Bonshea: Making Light of the Darkhas recently been updated and republished and is available in the iUniverse Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes and Noble . We leave it to the author and her colleague, Tim King, the editor of Salem-news.com to take up the story.

“Just when you thought you knew what was going on in your community, here comes a story that just may shatter the security of your American Dream. This is a story about abuse, survival, false religion and dubious court systems in a state that may be advanced on some levels, but remains a miserable failure in terms of equity and fairness and conventional thinking.”

“Coral Theill, lived in Oregon for twenty years. Since her divorce, she has written extensively about her traumatic marriage and the injustice of a judicial system that stripped her of her rights as a mother.

Today is a bitter anniversary. April 10, 1976, Coral (then Kathy Hall) married Marty Warner at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Corvallis, Oregon. Over nine hundred family and friends attended their wedding and reception.

For the next twenty years, Mr. Warner ruled his household with absolute authority and attended several fundamental, evangelical Christian “cults” in the Willamette valley. His personal justification for his behavior came from Biblical scripture. During the course of their marriage, Coral (Kathy Warner) bore him eight children.

In 1995, Coral – after recovering from a breakdown brought on by the stress of an abusive marriage and fundamental “Christian” cults as well as the exhaustion of caring for all the children – divorced Mr. Warner.

“Since my escape of a twenty year abusive marriage, my ex-husband has legally stalked me – and subjected me to 42 court related hearings to date and multiple lawsuits,” explains Coral.

“I did not have the money for an attorney for most of these proceedings and was literally destitute and disabled.”

By the end, she had lost all rights to have contact with her children and there are judgments and court orders still hanging over her head.

Thirty-seven years since her wedding, Coral hopes that she will someday be emancipated from her ex-husband”

iUniverse leaves the last words to the author

“I have witnessed ongoing suppression, control and violence perpetrated by organized patriarchal religion and our judicial system. Our judicial system needs “our voice” so that injustices that others and I have suffered will not continue to occur.” – Coral Anika Theill

iUniverse says just buy the book!


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