iU’s J.J. Bond gives his thoughts on new work, “Stealing Home”

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iUniverse author J.J. Bond discusses his adventure-filled crime novel, Stealing Home.

Stealing Home front coverBlog… He contacted me one day out of the blue. He said, “I’m from the publisher, would you like to write a blog about your book?” I said, “What’s a blog?” It sounded like some creature from beneath the sea, it was going to come up and swallow me, whole, take me deep into its grip, suffocate me, suck the lifeblood from my body and devour me. He assured me, no, nothing like that, just information for potential readers and co-authors. So, I thought I’ll try…

It seems so simple, just write a novel and it was, so I did. It was easier than you could imagine. I kept having to remind myself, I was no writer, could hardly spell my name right. But it was such an interesting story, so many unforeseen events…  The truth was that the story had already happened almost as if someone else had written the script and l was just a player in a part. The book was never part of a plan, the plan was to write a letter, a very angry letter, a tragic story, a sad tale with a sad ending. The letter was intended to go to all the people I knew, and that they knew. The plan unfolded when I realized the potential of social media.. The hook, was that I would tell the world of my tragic tale, that in truth wasn’t all that tragic except to me. So, l thought this is pretty lame stuff, l need to spice it up, but it is such a great story… I said over and over as it drove me, the vengeance, the hate, such a great story, finally realizing, I’m going to make this a book. The days, the weeks, the moments, as each one ticked by, my vengeance. I’ll tell the world what they did, so I turned my little driving vengeance of murder and rampage into a novel. The pen is mightier than the sword, the sword only kills, the pen can maim you for life…


J.J. Bond

Stealing Home is a story of love, lust and mistrust, friendship and friends that should never be trusted. It’s a fun story, with a large variety of characters, lots of unique hidden destinations and plots. The book was named Stealing Home because of how close one can come to losing everything including themselves.. The true dangers of love, friendship and those we choice to trust. It’s a business degree, an education on how to negotiate life in this world. It’s for the bookworm or the street-smart, the gangster, the liars and the cheats. For all those with low integrity, all those that you should never trust.



The twist and turns of Stealing Home come from real-life situations, the inspiration to tell the story with feeling. Sucking the reader into the twist and turns comes from my lonely nights behind the prison walls, reading, Jeffery Deaver’s adventurous antics of his lead character Lincoln Rhymes, the Coffin Dance, the Bone Collector and the Devil’s Teardrop — his writings always the same, intense, his stories so uniquely different. I wanted to emulate him, become uniquely different… I had no choice — my story was based on real life, it was already unique…

The question has consistently been asked: Is there going to be a sequel? God no, never… Everyone should learn their lesson the first time. Being based on facts, unfortunately I would never wish this on anyone… On the other hand, the experience, the fight, the determination it took, propelled me into a totally different person. With that, yes, I am an author and am currently working on the last chapters of my second novel, Cripple Creek Pass, a true fiction, a story that is close to us all, in a location that very few have journeyed to, about love, family and clan, all of it following the adventures of a modern day Viking clan, in a trip around Newfoundland in a search for a car thief and murderer. The story evolves around Jessie and his 67 Ford Mustang, the effort to recover it safely and outwit the local sheriff to avenge his right as clan and to send a serial killer off the edge, to let him kiss the cod…

l am currently working with the publisher on several marketing areas. We have also been discussing the possibility of turning the uncut version of Stealing Home into a screenplay and it is my understanding at this point that the representative for marketing the book through iUniverse publishing has already been in touch with professional screenwriters in L.A., and that is blowing my mind. The book itself had already been up for the Editors Award and was not the grand winner, but again, all very inspirational.

When little Leo DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa, he didn’t paint it for you.. He was simply inspired, something every artist requires.. Yes you liked it, you adored it, you paid for it and you hung it on your wall.. But he didn’t paint it for you, he was inspired by something beyond beautiful, somewhere in creativity.. But truly he painted it for him. Stealing Home was a way to overcome my hate, devouring my anger transcending it into the novel. I enjoyed dealing with highly professional, highly trained, talented and skilled people inside iUniverse, professionals that know how to produce top-quality material.. I didn’t write it for them, but then l realized l wanted to get it to you, l wanted to become the writer, l wanted to see it to completion, to see something good come out of all of this madness.. I wanted to be published and they cleared the way and made it all come true..

The book is written under a ghost name. J.J.Bond is just a ghost, the stories characters were bearing some resemblance to real-life characters, so all the names, places and references had to be removed, by law, to protect the people that are guilty. Someone should write a song about it all, a country song, one full of tears…

Three things if l can inspire others: find something you love and do it. Second, it’s your dream if you start it, so go finish it.. The rewards are always at the end and only in the dictionary does success come before work. Last, you know the truth long before it was a lie. Trust yourself, like them, let them in, let them get close, read the truth and trust you.. l hope you not just enjoy Stealing Home, but that it inspires you to share it. As a new author l think the greatest compliment I could receive would be, “I read this book, by this new author, J.J.Bond.” Thank you.

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