iUniverse author John C. Woodcock’s insights on writing: Part 10

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iUniverse John C. WoodcockIn the previous post in this very interesting blog series from iUniverse author, John C. Woodcock, we were discussing the total reversal of our understanding of our consciousness status quo, in that dreams are reality, sane is, in fact, insane and so on. Let’s explore more:-

“What this means for us is this: Where we feel most sane is where we are in fact insane. Our modern consciousness has so far isolated itself from everything else (the private self) that it is now psychotic—yet, of course, it thinks of itself as totally sane. Furthermore those aspects of our psychological being, now persona non grata—dreams, visions, “accidents”, etc.—are the harbors of the very sanity that can cure us of the insanity of psychological isolation.

This is also my conclusion, based on many years of immersion in “madness”, and taking them every bit as seriously as Philip K. Dick does, until they restored me to sanity.

This kind of writing demands both reflection and doing, i.e., what I earlier called participation! The ability of the author to engage this way probably determines the extent to which he could legitimately be called mad. The doing is a needing to act without knowing the outcome in the sense that modern consciousness knows (subject-object knowing). If we know the outcome then obviously we are merely repeating the past in some way, since present-day consciousness knows only in terms of the past (memory). This “doing” can at first be frightening to those who feel the “demand” to act in this way. Yet one can get used to it and even become curious.

iUniverse Manifesting Possible FuturesIf we participate with possible futures as they penetrate the Present, does it matter how we act in relation to them? If it did not matter then we would be forced to acknowledge a deterministic universe or an “intelligent designer”, but possible futures more speak of a dark urge that agitates, burrows, seeking to “get ahead” or to enter material reality by finding any available opening. Philosophically we could talk of this process as a union of teleology and contingency. Wounded individuals, like me, are such available openings and the dark urge simply enters. It is up to the individual to survive the onslaught as the “burrowing spirit” works its way into the world. And it is up to the individual to develop those soul capacities that will assist the actualization of possible futures in forms that support biological and cultural life, rather than destroy it. There are many casualties of this impersonal process and the record of such encounters constitutes culture in its many varied forms.”

LighthousedownunderIn the next episode of this iUniverse Blog series from John C. Woodcock, we again continue to explore the emerging writing genre for his new book, UR-image.  To learn more about John, his books and his thinking, visit his website. To see all of his books visit the iUniverse Bookstore.

 For a fuller discussion of this aspect of individual participation, see Woodcock, J. C. (2013). Manifesting Possible Futures: towards a new genre of literature. Bloomington. IUniverse.



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