Joseph Lee discusses his new book, “What Were Men”

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iUniverse’s Joseph Lee talks about “What Were Men”, based on his experience living in West Germany as a young Korean man.


What Were Men front coverThis book tells the story of a schoolteacher who ceases teaching and goes to be a coal miner in West Germany in 1969. He goes there to earn money to earn his doctorate, and to overcome various difficult situations in order to become a university professor in Korea. Originally, he signs a contract for three years, but works as a miner for about 4 years. He also suffers a conflict between a lover in Korea and a new girlfriend in Germany.



Joseph Lee pictureMore than seven thousand Koreans were guest workers in West Germany from 1964 to 1975. I, author Joseph Lee, was one of them. I worked in the coal mines on a three-year contract with the goal of saving money to earn a doctorate. In What Were Men, I share a collection of stories from my life, including my personal experiences in the mines. I bear witness to the will and the ways of Koreans in Korea and abroad who acted boldly in spite of the difficulties they faced.



Until the 1970s, young Koreans living in Korea were suffering from unemployment and poverty. More than 60% of the immigrants were college graduates, that means bachelor degree holders.


This story was written by an experienced writer who informs the world of the historical facts that Korean young people, ‘What Were Men’, were sent to work in foreign countries as a worker. The story was already written in German in 2000 and published in Germany.


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