iUniverse author Lora Condon wows Dr. Oz Episode 2

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More beauty secrets exposed by author Lora Condon

Dr Oz ShowIn this video of beauty expert Lora Condon on the Dr. Oz Show, the iUniverse published author of Spa Wars highlights more anti-aging secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know about here.

If you missed the first episode of this remarkable expose, then take a look here.

It’s not just a three minute video clip!

iUniverse Spa Wars

The truth about the beauty industry

iUniverse author Lora Condon is an acknowledged expert in the beauty world and her self-published book from iUniverse, “Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth about the Beauty Industry”, takes an in-depth look at the secrets of the beauty industry, so take a preview of it now in the iUniverse Bookstore.

Not just our word for it!  5 Gold Stars all the way for Spa Wars

Here is what some of the reviews from readers of iUniverse Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth about the Beauty Industry:-

iUniverse FIVE GOLD STARSWhat you don’t know can hurt you LOL By       TheNetworkBuilder

In and out of the beauty industry, Spa Wars is great reading! Lora does a fantastic job of educating us on how to look and how to behave, what to expect and what not too. If you ever worked, went to or purchased a gift certificate for anyone to go to a Spa, Spa Wars is required reading.”

iUniverse FIVE GOLD STARSSassy By Ariaceliz “changosdaughter”

“Lora has a funny, (“dots not feathers” lol,) unapologetic voice as she describes the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes in the beauty industry. It is a fun and light read with helpful tips at the end. The book makes you an informed consumer as she busts some beauty myths as well. It is a fast read and one can easily get through it while waiting for your hair or nail appointment well, where else? – at the spa!”

iUniverse FIVE GOLD STARSAmazing Book By marnurse07

“Very fast delivery!! This book u cannot put it down. As soon as i started reading it i could not wait to go on to the next chapter. The author says it like it is and is also funny. True to the facts;  I was laughing to myself out loud. I hope she comes out with a Spa Wars 2.”

And now see episode three of Lora’s appearance on Dr. Oz and in this one she can really save you money.


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