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iUniverse Carl RollysoniUniverse Blog noticed a tweet the other day from one of our long-standing authors, Carl Rollyson, which led to us asking him if he would like to guest on the blog. This is how this leading biographer who has self-published over 20 books with iUniverse replied.

Reasons to self-publish

iUniverse Beautiful Exile The Life of Martha Gellhorn “I have turned to self-publishing for all sorts of reasons.  I began when I noticed that iUniverse had teamed with the Author’s Guild to create a low-cost program for authors who wanted to see their work back in print.  Backinprint.com has enabled many of my friends to see their books live again when publishers have allowed work to go out of print and have not seen a market for older titles.  What may seem like a sale of only a few copies to a publisher, can be very gratifying to an author who wants to build up what you might call his or her own back list.  Who knows when a book you have written might now seem timely, or timely again?  So my biography, Beautiful Exile: The Life of Martha Gellhorn, for example, has had a new life thanks to iUniverse backinprint.com. iUniverse To be a  Woman  The Life of Jill CraigieSimilarly, To be a  Woman: The Life of  Jill Craigie was produced by the American Association of Journalist and Authors  (ASJA Press) in association with iUniverse.  Craigie, a documentary filmmaker married to British Labour Party leader Michael Foot, is not well known in this country, and so I was doubtful that I could interest American publishers in a book that was first published in England by a traditional publisher.”

Revising with iUniverse

iUniverse Norman Mailer The Last Romantic“And because I wanted to make revisions, additions, and updates, I decided on publishing my Norman Mailer, Rebecca West, and Lillian Hellman biographies under new titles in the iUniverse select program. I wanted new cover photographs and cover designs for Norman Mailer: The Last iUniverse Lillian Hellman Her Life and LegendRomantic, Rebecca West: A Modern Sybil, and Lillian Hellman: Her Life and Legend and the iUniverse staff did a splendid job, especially with Rebecca West: A Modern Sybil.  I wanted to reproduce one of her passport photographs since she was a world traveler, and I like the black and grey version of the photograph on the cover of my iUniverse edition.”

iUniverse fit for purpose

iUniverse Rebecca West A Modern Sybil“It is increasingly difficult these days to publish collections of essays and reviews through traditional publishers.  And I wanted my book reviews, especially those printed in The New York Sun, to have an extended life since I believe I was not only reviewing books of the moment but also having my say about the genre of biography.  I made certain suggestions to the staff at iUniverse, and they were able to produce striking images along the lines that perfectly suited my purposes.”

Learn more about the iUniverse master biographer

Carl Rollyson PH.D has self-published over 20 books with iUniverse and published over 40 in total, as well as authoring more than 500 articles on American and European literature and history. He is a distinguished journalist, reviewer, critic and playwright. To continue to the second article please click here. To learn more about Carl and his works please visit his website and to see more of his iUniverse Publishing titles, please visit our Bookstore.


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