Part 2 of our Interview with Romance Novelist Claudia Pemberton

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Romance novelist Claudia Pemberton tells us more about her book, Love Leads the Way, and her publishing experience.

What is the one message you would like to convey to your readers?

love-leads-the-way-pembertonThere are two main things that I would like to convey through my story.  First and foremost, I hope to highlight the nobility of the American soldier.  I hope to impart my profound love and respect for those brave souls who put their own lives on the line in order to protect mine.


Second—in my world—good conquers evil, and it always will.  That message may sound idealistic, but I believe it to be true.


Are you working on a sequel to your book?  


Claudia Pemberton’s first book, “Love Leaves No One Behind”

No.  This book itself is a sequel.  I’m currently working on a piece of Christian fiction with the working title of:  Saving Sofie.  It’s about a young woman, Sofie, who is battling cancer.  During her rehabilitation, she is befriended by an elderly woman, Naomi, who is battling demons of her own.


Although anchored in the present, parts of the story are based on experiences from Naomi’s past.  What ensues is an uncommon friendship born from a common enemy.


It is a story of overcoming obstacles, breaking down barriers, and embracing hope and love.


Are there any events, marketing ideas or promotions planned for your book?

Due to personal illness, book signings will not be possible at this time.  I plan to market through Facebook, blogging, and other on-line media.  I also plan to garner as many book reviews as I can.  From past experience I have learned that success is fueled by reviews.


There are local events that I would love to participate in if my health will permit.  For instance, our local bookstore has an “open mic night” once a week where authors can read from their works.


What was your favorite part of your publishing experience, overall and with iUniverse?

claudia-pemberton-picSurprisingly, my favorite part of the publishing experience was the most difficult one.  It was the grueling evaluation/editing process.  I experienced a gamut of emotions during the course of transforming a rough draft of my manuscript into a polished novel.  As demanding as the process was, the knowledge I gained from it remains invaluable.


The evaluator’s stinging critique of my first draft left me despondent.  But once I dropped my guard and embraced the process, I was able to participate, learn, and adapt my writing into something that I could be supremely proud of.


I am grateful for the evaluator’s unbiased and knowledgeable assessments of my work.  My book is all the better for it.


My experience with iUniverse, so far, couldn’t have been better.  Communication was stellar.  My questions were answered promptly.  My concerns were dealt with professionally and timely.  The finished product is beyond my wildest dreams.  I will most definitely consider publishing with iUniverse again, and will highly recommend iUniverse to others who are seeking quality publication.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors?  

My advice to aspiring authors is to follow your heart.  Let your heart do the writing.  As writers, we have all heard that age-old saying: “write what you know.”  Maybe I took that directive too literally, but my experience has been that writing with this adage in mind severely limits my possibilities.  My small world and real-life experiences are much too limited for my boundless imagination.


I adore getting lost in the process of writing, exploring my mind’s eye, and creating something from nothing.


I take it as a challenge to create a character that is foreign to me.  Just because I’m not an Army Ranger doesn’t mean that I can’t delve deeply into the true character of a Ranger, tap into his heart and soul, and bring him to life on paper.


I love being free to explore and write about a vast amount of things that were formerly unknown to me.


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