iUniverse Rising Star author Rebecca Linam on self-publishing

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In this final blog piece, iUniverse Rising Star author, Rebecca Linam, gives her views on self-publishing and iUniverse. Over to Rebecca:-

iUniverse author Rebecca Linam’s struggles to be noticed

Gutenburg Press“I first tried my luck with traditional publishers back in 1999.  I had originally finished the novel in 1995 on my sixteenth birthday, and after several rounds of editing and rewriting, I sent it out to a publishing house with my very first query letter.

It came back with a form rejection letter.

So it went for years and years.  Six novels later, I had run through just about every publisher in the business.  Occasionally I’d get lucky and get a request from a publisher to send in the next few chapters or even my whole novel, but most of them said the same thing.

“We are no longer accepting unagented submissions.”

iUniverse The Journey of the NightisansWith a sigh, I ran out to the local bookstore and bought one of those books listing a bunch of agents. Once again, I went through a bunch of agents with all my novels.  Most of them said the same thing.

“We only accept previously-published authors.”

It was a catch-22.  I couldn’t get published by a traditional publisher unless I had an agent, but the agents wouldn’t take me unless I’d had something previously published.  Was there some sort of secret code I needed to break into the industry?  I was positively amazed at the amount of rubbish novels I saw in the bookstores.  Somehow they had hit upon success.”

iUniverse author Rebecca Linam finds a new way

Finger typing on laptop“Then I asked myself.  “Would you keep writing even if you knew you’d never get published in your entire life?”

“Yes,” I said.  “I like writing.  It’s fun.”  Writing is like having a kid, I guess, even though I don’t have any kids.  The story builds up inside and keeps developing until it finally is born, and there you have the finished product.  I’m very protective of my “kids.”  I want the best for them—no forced editing without my permission and lots of constructive criticism so they can live up to their potential.

iUniverse Alex the GreatSo I went with iUniverse because that’s exactly what I got—a long, detailed evaluation with examples of things to work on and lots of positives pointed out in the process.  Best of all, I’m not forced to change things that I really don’t want to change.  I got a professional-looking cover for both of my novels that rivals many covers I’ve seen in the bookstore.  So many covers today could use a little extra something.  After all, it’s the first thing I see when I look at the book.  It’s like going to a job interview wearing your gardening clothes.  No one wants to hire an employee covered in dirt…well, maybe, unless it’s a gardening position.  Covers that immediately reach the target audience are exactly what I desire.  iUniverse did all that, and even gave me a chance to get Editor’s Choice and Rising Star.”

In the long run, I’m glad I went with them because I learned so much more about the editing process and things to avoid when writing a novel.  I also learned more about how to promote my own book.”

iUniverse Publishing thanks Rebecca

iUniverse would like to thank Rebecca for her kind sentiments, but more so for her series of fantastic articles that really bring to life the writing process of an author. If you have missed any, make sure to read them here.

To take a look at her books, Alex the Great and The Journey of the Nightisans, visit the iUniverse Bookstore; and to see how Rebecca’s writing process continues,  you can follow along at www.rebeccalinam.com or www.nightisans.com.

Roald_DahlFinally thanks to the great children’s book author himself, Roald Dahl, for his help with these articles


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