The Bestselling Books of 2015!

The Guardian recently published an article discussing the bestselling books of 2015, and the results are both fascinating and encouraging. The article talks about books that have sold over 95,000 copies, of which there were a total of 92 this year. Here, iUniverse presents the salient points and conclusions to draw:

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    E.L. James’ Grey

    Seven out of the top ten authors are women: this continues a trend that we have seen in both traditional publishing and self-publishing. To quote the article, “Their [female writers’] progress reflects the rise of genres whose leading exponents tend to be female: the psychological thrillers exemplified by The Girl on the Train and its model, Gone Girl (17); the adult (or all-age) coloring book phenomenon represented by Marotta and Johanna Basford (15, 16); and the healthy eating trend behind Ella Woodward’s emergence as the second most popular cookery writer with Deliciously Ella (18).”

  • There is no particular genre that is predominantly represented. One may have expected the Fantasy genre to dominate, but surprisingly, the bestsellers include the full spectrum.
  • Coloring books for adults have become very popular. They are seen as a way to relax and be creative at the same time.
  • The distinctions between what have been considered “male” genres and “female” genres have become blurred, as more authors cross over to writing in genres not traditionally associated with their gender.
  • Grey, the top-selling book, outsold the runner-up by double the amount of copies.

What does all this mean for authors?

  • It is a ripe time for women, and also men, to be experimenting with genres which they like but have felt inhibited in writing about.
  • While some genres continue to outsell others on the whole, a book written in any genre has potential to make money.
  • Female authors are increasingly being read by male readers.
  • Writing books in a series increases your money-making momentum.
  • Lastly, taking all this into account, it is the ideal time for a writer to be writing and publishing a book. The reading public has shown that it is open to all kinds of genres, written by all kinds of writers! So with the New Year upon us, make 2016 your year for publishing a book.

Please find the full article here, along with the list of the top 92 books!

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