Douglas Gardham is interviewed by The Sudbury Star

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Here’s an interview with one of our most prominent authors, Douglas Gardham. Douglas has made great strides with his marketing, and is truly a model for other authors to follow. Please find the interview below: 


Douglas GardhamDoug Gardham visits Chapters Sudbury on June 25 at noon to promote his two novels, The Actor and The Drive In. Here, Gardham discusses his novels, his writing process (just do not call it a process) and his love for Moby Dick. To learn more about Gardham, go to


Can you talk a little about the books you’ll be promoting when you visit Sudbury?

The Actor is the story of a young man’s journey of self-discovery in overcoming the trauma of a personal tragedy in his life which he does in a somewhat unique way, by chasing a dream – the dream to become an actor. Except the dream is not what it seems. It’s a story of love, hardship, persistence and overwhelming joy. The Actor reads like a thriller, but it’s more than that. The tag line for the book is “The Actor can portray anything he can imagine.”

The Drive In is a departure from the novel format and is a collection of short stories with a twist. The short stories are about what goes on behind the doors and windows of the places a man passes on his “drive in” to work one day. Along the way, the reader finds out what makes this particular trip unlike any other, and hence the twist.

Do your books have any common themes? If so, what are they and how do they manifest in the books? 

The two books are quite separate but both capture human emotion. They’re about people dealing with life situations centred around themes of love, death, hope and disappointment.

The Actor seems to have some heavy themes and subjects. Can you talk about what inspired this book? 

The Actor was inspired by the movie Titanic. Not in the sense of what the movie is really about, but the idea of someone getting up from what they’re doing and chasing a dream. There’s the initial excitement that accompanies chasing a dream, followed by an all-consuming passion to make what seems all but impossible come true. In The Actor, trauma brought on by tragedy drives the protagonist’s dream inside his head. There’s also the theme that we’re all actors with different masks and behaviours depending on the environment and circumstances we find ourselves in.

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