iUniverse authors get B.R.A.G.GING rights

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BRAG Awards LogoExcuse the pun, but the Better Readers Appreciation Group (B.R.A.G) has just awarded its latest round of Medallion Honorees and iUniverse Publishing is pleased that the following books and authors have received this prestigious award.

iUniverse Betrayal by Michele Kallio

iUniverse BetrayalAwarded in the historical fiction genre, this Canadian debut author has received excellent reviews, best summed up by Melysah Bunting for TheLitCritic:

“The book is a real page turner and has all of my favorite ingredients: history, intrigue, secrets, love, passion, betrayal and mystery.  Although the chapters were told by different characters, I didn’t find it at all confusing and Kallio made me indentify with each of the characters.  I didn’t like her portrayal of Jane Boleyn, George Boleyn’s wife, but that’s just me.  All of the characters were believable and I enjoyed the contrast between the two historical periods and the lives of the two women. The story was drawn together beautifully at the end, with all the different threads and the reasoning behind Lydia’s dreams. I hope that Kallio will produce more novels as this was an excellent debut.”

To learn more visit Michele’s website or the iUniverse Bookstore.

iUniverse Kiss Her Kill Her by Lisa Dewar

iUniverse Kiss Her Kill HerHonored in the thriller genre this book has attracted comments such as:

“Dewar takes readers deep. Much of the book reads like a True Crime Book of facts, stating how each of the individuals got where they were that day–Tarryn describing his kills, Carmen describing her married life. As the time for Tarryn comes to act, he moves swiftly and readers are caught moving to the edge of their seats as pages move faster and tension mounts. Uniquely written, Dewar took me where I had never been before…

Fans of True Crime and serial killer fiction, and TV shows such as Criminal Minds will find this book strangely compelling.”

Follow Lisa on Facebook or check out her books in the iUniverse Bookstore.

iUniverse A Beautiful Glittering Lie by J. D. R. Hawkins

iUniverse A Beautiful Glittering LieMilitary_Order_of_the_Stars_and_BarsThis novel of the Civil War not only received a B.R.A.G medallion in the historical fiction category, but last month was awarded the John Esten Cooke Fiction Award plus great reviews:

“Oh my goodness. This book captured me from the beginning and I am not or at least I was not a fan of civil war books until now. It was very well written. Several times I could close my eyes and see and hear the scene vividly in my mind. Didn’t want to put it down till I finished it. Looking forward to reading more of Hawkins’ books! Buy it; read iUniverse Editors Choice awardit, you’ll be fascinated too.”

Check out J.D.R on her website or her books in the iUniverse Bookstore and look out for more award winners coming from iUniverse Publishing.


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